2016/17 Review + 2017/18 System Changes


Good morning all!

With the start of July just a few days away, and the severe lack of decent football coming to an end – I thought it necessary to finally go through all of last seasons’ tips (which took hours!) and come up with a final figure of win % – and also work out a simple way to measure profitability next season, since I had no idea how to this season due to a mish-mash of tips which made it hard to measure.

With emails flowing in wanting this, that and the other I ended up being the cause of such a mishmash – no set system, and that made it impossible to work out profit and loss. I backed odds-on, value, and high odds, and mix of daily tips and accumulators. I had been keeping track of it all on my old laptop, but that died and I had no way to extract the data, so had to go back through a seasons’ worth of tips!

I have worked out a better and simpler system for the coming season, which will simplify everything and make it easier to follow, with a limited set of markets picked from to ensure everyone can find them if they want to use our tips.





Much like last season, myself and Kieron will combine forces, rather than post separately which meant more posts and more tips…so I will pick a selection from both of us and post no more than 4 acca’s a week, with a daily NAP to go with it for the purposes of those who like to lump more money on less selections.

Here are the 2016-17 results:

Odds On Winners (10/11 or lower): 165/235 (70%)

Value (1/1 – 7/4): 247/445 (55%)

High Odds: (2/1 or higher): 22/104 (23%)

Overall 434/784 (55%)

784 seems like a lot less than last seasons 1000+ – but quite frankly with my job and getting married in May the 2nd half of the season the volume dropped off as I was unhappy posting tips just for the people asking for tips, and not posting tips based on my research, which as mentioned dropped off a cliff due to other goings on.

55%? Not great I’ll admit, but in the new system, 55% could still lead to a nice profit each month and over the course of a season. So, what is it?

Well, whilst myself and James toyed with a name for the website back in 2013, the two words that formed it were ‘Accuracy’ and ‘Tipster’, the latter obviously. Our gambit was free football accumulators – so that’s purely what I want to go back to. No daily doubles, just accumulators.

So – this is the plan:

  • Four accumulators per week split into two sections – 6 folds and 4 folds.
  • One of each in midweek, and at weekends.
  • 6 folds would include below evens tips, 4 folds evens or above
  • Calculate profit/loss from this – £10 on each as guide to work it out

So – four acca’s a week, with a NAP thrown in where appropriate. The prices would be roughly 15-20/1 for the 6 fold, and 17/1 and upwards for the 4 folds. Technically speaking just one winning acca per month would give a small profit, but that is something I’d certainly want to beat.

I’d also like to stick to a few choice markets – Match Result, BTTS, BTTS + Over 2.5 Goals and Handicaps/Asian Handicaps the preferred ones

This will start tomorrow (29th June) with the Europa League qualifying…so let’s try and get off to a flyer!

Thanks for all the support over the years,

Team Accutipster