2016/17 Season – System Changes


With the 2016/17 underway – I thought a good idea would be to take any followers through how we do things. For last season we had multiple writers who would post tips as and when they felt they had found value. With our Horse Racing tipsters leaving, as well as a couple of football tipsters going missing – we are down to just 3 tipsters now and will be focusing on football, with possibly some NFL tips later in the year.

For the last few seasons we have not had a proper results page, and a profit/loss system to show how the site is doing, should you follow tips – only reviews posted each month with a total number of wins/losses. This is set to change, with myself keeping a spreadsheet upto date on a daily basis – which in time will be a page on the site (hopefully very soon!)

On the tips side of things, I am going back to what we did to begin with – a couple of accumulators on a weekend, with a low, medium and high risk system. Accumulators of around 7-9/1, 15-20/1 and 50/1 (on occasions) will be posted on weekends, with one during the week as well as a £10-100 challenge once a week too. I feel this will give a greater selection of bets, as previously we attempted to pick value, when perhaps sometimes we should have gone for a few potential bankers and brought home a few more accumulators which over time would give a greater chance of profit.

So, in summary – here is my system:

Low Risk – Below 1/1

Medium Risk – Between 1/1 and 6/4 (1.5/1)

High Risk – 7/4 and above

Accumulators – 2 per weekend, with the chance of a high risk 3rd if there is sufficient value, with one in the week that could cover 2/3 days and a £10-100 challenge per week. Inbetween, there will be a few daily tips of anything else I see of value.

On the results side of things – a page dedicated to just that, and a profit/loss margin worked out from backing each type of accumulator, and a total.

Previously we also totalled all tips up together – so when we had say a 45% win ratio for the month, that included high risk bets which I think could have put people off – in said results page I will split them into the three categories which will give you a better idea of where we do well and where we are not so hot.

I hope you all like the new methods, and enjoy the added clarity!

Best of luck