– The New One-Stop Shop for Online Football Betting?


Nowadays, it is the norm for you or I to have multiple online betting account to get the best of the sign-up offers and odds that bookmakers offer to draw us in. The other norm is for these accounts to lie dormant for months and years afterwards because once the offer is used, we have no use for them, unless they are one of the 2/3 regularly used. Now, with the helping hand from a brilliant new site called ‘’ – you will have some use for any account you have and a reason to use countless others!

What is Acca Checker?

AccaChecker is a site that allows you to track your football bets, as well as comparing the price for the matches and markets you wish to bet on. At the moment, they only do 3 markets – but these three make up around 95% of all accumulator bets. Match Result, Both Teams to Score and Over/Under 2.5 Goals. They offer stats and analysis on all games which they feature, and although very basic at the moment there are plans afoot to increase the quality and depth exponentially.

AccaChecker covers a huge variety of games worldwide – in excess of 70 competitions, both domestic and international. Their desktop and mobile sites are very good, and will only get better in time. It is free to use and join – which in this day and age is something in itself. They have a page dedicated to all the free bets there are out there, while you can also view league tables and stats, which means you have everything you need at the touch of a your finger. No need to open countless tabs, and waste time trawling through the stats!

The aim of the site is to minimise a punters typical journey – for those of you who visit sites other than ourselves, you find most do not provide the stats, so of course you may want to double check to make sure you are backing something worthwhile. That involves going to BBC or SkySports, trawling through all the data yourselves and when you just want to place a quick bet or three, that’s a huge pain. Then there is going to the bookmaker site, adding everything to you’re betslip and placing the bet. Even then, if you were concious of the best price, you either look around or go to price comparison site. That all takes time!

AccaChecker is all of that, rolled into one. And when you are done with them, you can click through to the site of choice and continue from there. These guys effectively do all the hard work, so you don’t have to.

An Example of How it Works

Now, for the purposes of seeing the benefits – I picked four games from the Football League this weekend that our BTTS Tipster has posted.

  • MK Dons vs Bristol City
  • Luton vs Hartlepool
  • Mansfield vs Dag & Red
  • Preston vs Sheff Weds

This, with two of the biggest bookmakers in SkyBet and PaddyPower, pays a little over 11/1. After comparing odds using AccaChecker – I found that they both quote the worst prices! The best price was around 14/1 with Sporting Bet or 888 Sport. With a £10 stake, the difference is around £30 in winnings!

Ease of Use

This site is very easy to use. I signed up in less than a minute, and had a good understanding very quickly. How to select and find games is easy, with a simple yet elegant navigation system, in which you can look at matches, tables or your bets. Switching between the three markets is easy, with prices available without needing to click into each game. Some sites assume that everyone visiting is technology-friendly, which for those who are not, is off-putting. The AccaChecker site, is simplistic but at the same time does everything that you need it to.


I’ve gone on leading competitors’ sites to compare how easy it is to use and understand. The main competition only seems to have an App(and even that has its flaws) so for those who are unable to access the internet from a mobile or tablet, you can’t use it. So for myself, sat on a laptop – it’s useless.

The other huge difference is the amount of bookmakers used. The main ones I looked at used only a handful, while this site in question used around 19!

Future Developments

If they do what is intended – this site will beat their leading competition into submission. Here are some of the planned developments:

  • Increasing the range of markets
  • Building out the stats zone
  • Giving the option to follow other users based on ROI
  • Building an app
  • Integrating Betlips so bets can be placed directly from the site.

At the moment, once you click through to a bookie you have to sign in (obviously) and find all selections again – but with the current 3 markets on offer, most bookmakers have coupons for them anyway so it does not take long. One of the improvements that the owners of the site wish to make is to integrate betslips so the issue is resolved and you have an easier time placing bets.

So, Should I Use It?

At the moment, it is a brilliant tool to use in order to maximise your chances of increased winnings – but should all of the above be done, I wouldn’t even bother going elsewhere. With nearly 4 times the available bookmakers to compare, it is already ahead of all competition in some respects. In my opinion from what I have seen over the last 3 years while running this site, too many try to do too much, too soon and it ends up diluting the quality of a page or website. They do not get the basics right first and foremost – which is the key component in a successful website.

AccaChecker have started at a level where they can build gradually while they grow. They have not bitten off more than they can chew.  As time goes by, improvements will come and bugs will be fixed. Most importantly – the quality is there, and will only get better and better. For a new website, I am astounded in terms of how good it is already. When we started, we were nowhere near this level.

Overall – this is a website that I’m going to use. It’s a fantastic tool to use in order to maximise the price of your bets and take advantage of the better paying bookmakers. In short, AccaChecker could easily become one of the household names in the betting world.