Accutipster Daily Tips: 18th April


Today, because of the Easter Friday football, we are staying away from the Dutch/French 2nd Divisions – the last few weeks have been poor, with games that should ooze goals ending 1-0, and games that should be close encounters ending in ridiculous scores such as 8-0…Plenty of action though, with a near full fixture list today in Leagues 1 and 2, as well as conference and Championship games. Here are our Daily Doubles and Trebles:

  1. Burnley/Derby – 3/1
  2. Leyton O/Peterborough – 4/1
  3. Grimsby/Scunthorpe/Cambridge – 8/1
  4. Chesterfield/TNS/Kidderminster – 2/1

Hope you all have a terrific day – and lets get the weekend off to a bang with some nice winners!