Accutipster Super League: Season Review


Well, we have just ended our first season, and with that our first Fantasy League has ended too. It was a fascinating season, with Paul Grogan top for a hell of a long time, only to fall away. Others such as Abhirarm Chandrasen were up around the top 5 all season long, and even myself (after a poor start) managed a top 6 finish.  Despite opening up a massive lead, Jay Jeffery had to hold off a late charge from Richard Arrowsmith, and going into the final gameweek there was just 16 points in it. James finished way down in the 20’s, and my other brother Pete finished in the bottom 10, so bragging rights are mine for the next season or so…

Eventually, Jay won the league by 8 points – after an entire season of to’s and fro’s, it came down to just 1 gameweek! Incredible. We had 40 entrants this season, and after initial success we will be offering a small prize next season to make it worth your while. Here are the final Top 20 Standings:

1 Percy House FC Jay Jeffery 2,372
2 Two Goals One Cup Richard Arrowsmith 2,364
3 Lancaster Llama Abhirarm Chandrasen 2,313
4 Cartmans Crushers Adrian Hargreaves 2,237
5 YO MOMMA tyrone williams 2,232
6 She Said No Titus Will Camp 2,213
7 Dean Machine Dean Huyton 2,198
8 My WaltersHaveBroken Josh Winstone 2,191
9 Enoch’s Sock Mike Parker 2,191
10 Shwumpsy FC Andrew Coburn 2,186
11 Forester15 Luke Martin 2,181
12 Maybe Next Year ian prayle 2,170
13 Seskin Fabregas Brian Campion 2,153
14 King Diao XI Simon D pp 2,152
15 Norfolk N Good James Terrington 2,141
16 FC Dominico Paul Grogan 2,106
17 Harrison Academical Scott Harrison 2,053
18 Hotspur Fc ashley rogers 2,045
19 Dyslexia untied rob lacey 2,041
20 chelski albion scott thomas 2,021

We are also going to run a Sun Dream Team Fantasy Football competition during the World Cup, which opens around the 29th May – so keep an eye out for that in the next week or so, all a bit of fun with a possible prize to the winner!

Many thanks for all those who entered, we hope you return next season to do it all over again, but this time have a prize at the end of it!