Accutipster Super League Update: Gameweek 11


The league is really hotting up now! Not so many high scorers this week, the highest being me with 76. I have proven that no matter how badly you may be doing (I was 30th 4 gameweeks ago), if you string together 3/4 good weeks you can be right back in it (I am now 2nd). Here is how the league stands at the moment:

  1. Percy House FC (Jay Jeffery) – 662
  2. She Said No Titus (Will Camp) – 617
  3. Schwumpsy FC (Andrew Coburn) – 607

As you can see there is one starting to break away from the rest, but one bad week can bring the top 5 much closer! Here are the top 3 weekly scorers:

  1. She Said No Titus (Will Camp) – 76
  2. Banko’s Ballers (Mike Banks) – 73
  3. Enoch’s Sock (Mike Parker) – 66

There is a week break now – we will continue with stats and tips this weekend!