Accutipster Super League Update: Gameweek 28


We are into the final 3rd of the season now, and its becoming clear who will be winning. It seems to be between Jay Jeffery’s Percy House FC and Rich Arrowsmiths’ Two Goals One Cup, separated by 60 points. Around 50-70 points behind that battle, there is a group of 3 or 4 which includes myself, but unless there is a huge 2/3 gameweek’s no one will catch the top 2. Here are the Top 10 as it stands after gameweek 28:

1 Percy House FC Jay Jeffery 1,729
2 Two Goals One Cup Richard Arrowsmith 1,669
3 Cartmans Crushers Adrian Hargreaves 1,619
4 Lancaster Llama Abhirarm Chandrasen 1,596
5 She Said No Titus Will Camp 1,591
6 Shwumpsy FC Andrew Coburn 1,578
7 Norfolk N Good James Terrington 1,576
8 King Diao XI Simon D  pp 1,564
9 Forester15 Luke Martin 1,559
10 YO MOMMA tyrone williams 1,558

Here are the Top 3 scorers from this week:

1 Borussia Teeth Nathaniel Holland 88
2 King Diao XI Simon D  pp 81
3 Shwumpsy FC Andrew Coburn 76