Accutipster Super League Update: Gameweek 29


Just 9 rounds to go now in the Premier League (others have games to catch up) – another season going by very quickly! This week was a strange one, with only 5 or 6 games with FA Cup Quarter finals being played. For most it was a low scoring affair, but those with players without Cup commitments did rather well – here are the top 3 from this week:

1 Your Mum’s Athletic James Camp 68
2 My WaltersHaveBroken Josh Winstone 64
3 Lancaster Llama Abhirarm Chandrasen 58

And here is how the table stands:

1 Percy House FC Jay Jeffery 1,763
2 Two Goals One Cup Richard Arrowsmith 1,721
3 Lancaster Llama Abhirarm Chandrasen 1,654
4 Cartmans Crushers Adrian Hargreaves 1,641
5 She Said No Titus Will Camp 1,621
6 King Diao XI Simon D  pp 1,617
7 Norfolk N Good James Terrington 1,605
8 YO MOMMA tyrone williams 1,605
9 Shwumpsy FC Andrew Coburn 1,604
10 Forester15 Luke Martin 1,591