Accutipster Super League Update: Gameweek 35


Just a couple of weeks to go now, and it seems all is settled at the top of our league. Unless there is a dramatic collapse, Jay Jeffery will win, with Richard Arrowsmith coming 2nd, currently around 60 points behind. Here is how the top 10 stands with two gameweeks’ remaining:

1 Percy House FC Jay Jeffery 2,272
2 Two Goals One Cup Richard Arrowsmith 2,200
3 Lancaster Llama Abhirarm Chandrasen 2,178
4 YO MOMMA tyrone williams 2,108
5 Dean Machine Dean Huyton 2,093
6 Cartmans Crushers Adrian Hargreaves 2,088
7 Shwumpsy FC Andrew Coburn 2,081
8 Enoch’s Sock Mike Parker 2,076
9 She Said No Titus Will Camp 2,076
10 My WaltersHaveBroken Josh Winstone 2,075

And here are the top three scorers from this week:

1 Derby County FC Connor Crowder 79
2 The Hit Sisters Martin Horne 79
3 Forester15 Luke Martin 72

Well done to those who have shone this week – swines…

Best of luck to all who have entered – it’s been a great season, and next season we will be adding a prize to the mix, making it a little more interesting, and competitive!