Accutipster Super League Update: Gameweek 37


Well, today is the final gameweek in our debut season, and it has taken a turn nobody saw coming. With just a few weeks left, 2nd place Richard Arrowsmith was miles behind Jay Jeffery, who had led for much of the season. In the past few weeks, Rich has been outscoring Jay left right and centre, and with his latest score of 114, compared to Jay’s 50 odd, the gap is now just 16 points! Enthralling stuff!

Here are the top 3 scorers from the last gameweek:

1 Two Goals One Cup Richard Arrowsmith 114
2 Derby County FC Connor Crowder 114
3 Forester15 Luke Martin 108

And here is how the top 10 stands with the final game to come today:


1 Percy House FC Jay Jeffery 2,326
2 Two Goals One Cup Richard Arrowsmith 2,310
3 Lancaster Llama Abhirarm Chandrasen 2,260
4 YO MOMMA tyrone williams 2,186
5 Cartmans Crushers Adrian Hargreaves 2,160
6 She Said No Titus Will Camp 2,160
7 Dean Machine Dean Huyton 2,150
8 My WaltersHaveBroken Josh Winstone 2,146
9 Forester15 Luke Martin 2,137
10 Shwumpsy FC Andrew Coburn 2,136

Best of luck. Next season we will have a small prize on offer for the winner and two runners up, so make sure to keep an eye out for next seasons league.