Accutipster Super League Update: Gameweek 5


Once again we reach the stage of the week where we give our followers and participants in our Super League an update on who is where and which swine we all dont like because they are top…

Paul Grogan (FC Dominico) is yet again that man – the Sebastian Vettel of the league! With a score of 70 (3rd highest of the week) he remains at the top…swine! Further back yet again is Orry Cole’s Hammers with 308, clearing hitting the nail on the head with his selections, and once more in 3rd is Callum Thomas’ Calpol’s Reds – beaten down from 2nd by Mr Cole – who himself was overtaken the week before by Callum – so in a way he is getting a taste of his own medicine….(like everything on this site, the puns are free)

Top scorer for the week is Ryan Morgans’ Big Cojones FC with 77, followed by Nathaniel Hollands’ aptly named Borussia Teeth – as well as breaking into the top 10, which crowned a pretty good week for him! (I know, I’ll get my coat…)

I dropped from 15th to 31st after a dreadful week which saw three players pick up injuries after starting the game, and James has gone from 9th-12th – so a disappointing week for us both!