Accutipster: The Ins and Outs of what we do!


As mentioned earlier today, we said that an article would be posted about what we do for our growing readership.

So – the site is ran by James, and myself – Will. We are two brothers from a small town in Gloucestershire that have been nuts about football since we were both kids. We used to sit at a computer for hours on end playing Championship Manager as Newcastle (Me) and Man Utd (James) – of course whenever I beat James, the computer was turned off…

Fast-forward a few years, here we are. From the age of about 19-21 I slowly developed as a Statistical Analyst, making templates to study form etc, and with my ever growing knowledge (See our About Us page) – I became a dab hand at predicting winners, but only ever had the odd quid on (I used to send a relative my tips and he made a few thousand). He suggested I start up as a Tipsters which I did early last year.

James stepped in with his computer genius and at the end of the season we sat down and developed – between then and now, we have slowly developed the site, and are really starting to build, with companies approaching us about Adverts etc.

The Tips

I spend a great deal of time trawling through all the games, and all the markets, in search of hidden gems, as well as the usual win/lose markets. We tend to stick with William Hill, Bet365 or TitanBet, so that’s where you will find the prices we say we do.

Accumulators – we put together around 10-12 Accumulator Bets each weekend, ranging from Positive (All Teams included are at a price of Evens or better) and Negative (All prices are below evens) – so the positive tips tend to be from 15/1 to 500/1 and the negative from around 3/1 to 20/1 (a typical 7/8 fold).

Daily Tips – this is for our tips we post daily, and tend to have one accumulator, as well as maybe 5-10 Double’s or Treble’s (we like to cater to all budgets). On a weekend you will typically get 10 on a Saturday and 10 on a Sunday.

Rolling Acca – most will know about this, but this is where you start with a low amount (with us £10) and through doing around 8-10 bets between 1/2 and evens we aim to get you to £1000 in just one weekend – we did our first this weekend and got to £40, but then were let down by Villarreal massively! Too many Tipsters try and do it over a very long period of time, often 60 days, with bets of 1/20 or 1/12 etc – but from the reaction we got yesterday people would much prefer our method of a couple of days, with all steps laid out from the off.

Selected Shocks – Again this is relatively new – started in late December. We hand-pick a small selection of games where we fancy a shock. We have had 6 wins in the 4 weeks so far, 2 4/1’s, 2 5/1’s, a 6/1 and a 7/1.

Opinion/Blog – from time to time we do articles on the issues in today’s game. From International issues like FIFA to whether we should allow B team’s in our lower leagues – we cover a lot! We are looking for guest writers, so if you have a burning desire to be a writer, we will give you the platform to publish you’re articles (as long as it is well balanced and not biased…)

Anyway – I think that is everything – if you have any further questions, please do send us a tweet or a message on facebook and one of the two if us will get back to you ASAP…

Will and James

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