Accutipster Tips – 23rd-26th August


So here we are once more, the 4th week of tips and statistics! There are so many games that we have selected to analyze this week it made it difficult, so we have 4 positive, 4 negative, 2 mixed and one bonus this weekend!

Number 1 from sections 1 & 2 take our personal fancy (20/1 and 5.5/1) and number 2 of the mixed odds selections looks great value.

Let us take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you who have check out our site, followed us on Twitter or liked us on Facebook – without you guys there would be little point doing this. We are here not only to give tips, but to help you in making choices, hence why we publish the statistics rather than get you to pay for them or even sign up.

Although just the one win, we have had 11 tips in 3 weeks that have been one game or goal from winning, including 12/1, 23/1, 34/1 and 60/1 tips – so keep the faith, we are very close to bagging a big ‘un!

As the season goes on patterns will emerge that will help us all out, teams will gel and leagues will take shape, after about 6-8 games we will start to get a decent picture.

Keep an eye on the blog, each day we should have a new post, whether it be myself or James working on a subject that is part and parcel of the game we know and love, just like our last two, one on Daniel Levy and the other on Mike Ashley. Early next week we will have a piece on those fighting for the titles and/or promotion, firstly in the football league and conference, then around Europe!

Here are the all important tips:

Stay tuned, we are at an early stage with the blog but the passion and knowledge is there and ever growing, we hope you stick with us!

Will and James