Accutipster's 10 Deadly Sins of Gambling


When we first started as a twitter page, we posted a few do’s and don’t’s of gambling, especially in football which is what we specialize in. In no way are we telling you what to do, merely suggesting some of the mistakes that can be made if you are un-experienced when it comes to betting, or are new to it. These are 10 mistakes that myself and many others have made at some stage (when I was younger) and that hopefully you won’t make.

1. Never bet more than you can afford to lose.

A simple yet effective one to start – never bet more than you can afford to lose. You may see a side who are ridiculously good value to win, maybe a team has gone down to 10 men early and you think it’s nailed on the other side will win and stick on money from a credit card or overdraft – it’s not worth risking, as anything can happen!

2. South American Football

South American football may seem attacking and full of goals, but once you do a little research on results/stats – the fact is there are an incredible amount of 0-0 draws, especially in Argentina, Mexico and others like Colombia and Venezuela. You will often see just after a game has kicked off for there to be over 0.5 goals is something like 1/5 or 1/6, you may think an easy way to make £10 if you whack £60 on – in principle yes, you will win quite a few, but just that once or twice it will end 0-0 and you lose all your money that has built up. Unless you are very keen on the leagues and know your stuff its one to avoid.

3. Chasing Wins

If you make a loss, lose a few bets and are desperate to make your money back, its usually best to leave it a few days so the adrenaline goes. A few years ago that was me – id lose a bet, £20/30 – and put another similar bet on to retrieve my money just to remain even. More often than not your are’nt thinking straight and put it on something daft, at the end of the day where the games are slim pickings odds wise. Not a good idea!

4. Re-placing bets

We’ve all been there, a 4 fold, one game kicks off at 1215, ends as a draw. You were so sure it’d win – so put more cash on the remaining 3 sides. 7 times out of 10 one of the others will slip up, especially away from home. Again i have made this mistake as a teenager – and regretted it!

5. International/Cup Football

This market is very unpredictable. Because of the size and strength of some sides the odds are manipulated to make you think they are a nailed on win, such as France vs Georgia in September, Spain vs Finland back in March, or even in the League Cup last month Liverpool drew 2-2 with Notts County. It’s a funny market – dependent on what side a team puts out, if they have already qualified (Internationals) and even if they have a more important game 3/4 days later. A top tip is always wait until you see the team-sheets, last night a great example as Arsenal fielded a youth team pretty much, on the other side Newcastle fielded an extremely strong team against Leeds so odds of 8/11 at home was incredible value! Again last night, Ajax were 1/14 to beat Volendam, and drew in normal time, and Salzburg 1/50 to beat a lower division side – others like Metalist Kharkiv (1/8), AZ (2/7), Dortmund (1/6), Gaziantepspor (1/4), Antalyaspor (1/5) and and Willem II (1/6) all went to extra time with full strength teams.

6. Putting teams in multiple bets

Even in odds on bets, putting a side in more than one bet can be a big no-no! No matter what the odds, teams play badly – look at Celtic, 1/7 vs Morton the other night, people will have put them in their banker bets. Unless its the odd few quid, always avoid doing this!

7. In-play Betting

This can be so easy to lose money on – like with the South American games, some odds look too good to be true. If you are watching the game, you get a good jist of what is going to happen, so for me the other night over 3.5 goals in the Liverpool/Swansea game looked a safe bet at 8/11 at 1-1. In games you are not watching, its all guesswork. One to be wary of.

8. Cash-Out

Try to bet with a firm that offer cash-out. There is nothing worse than putting on a bet and feeling helpless after red card or shock goal happens, or you think a team wont win after a certain time. For example i had £25 on Celtic, Man City and Chelsea tuesday night, and City/Chelsea were both 2-0 up after 60 minutes – yet Celtic were stuck at 0-0 against a 2nd division side. Because the other two were winning the cash out value was the same as id put on, so without losing anything i cashed out after 75 minutes, ergo losing nothing – and rightly so, Celtic went on to lose 1-0 in extra time! Several sites offer it, the best of which is William Hill – always worth having the option!

9. Free Bets

All the main sites these days offer a matched first bet, sometimes you get the stake back, with Bet365 and Betway i think – but imbeded in the small print are the terms and conditions, and with those two you have to bet three or even five times deposit and free bet amount, so if you put in £200 and got a £200 free bet, you have to bet that amount 5 times before being able to withdraw a penny! Not a good thing to find out when you have just made a mint from the free bet only to find out you must bet it 5 times over! A tip to get around this is once you are happy with your profit from the bet, and you want out – put it on ridiculously obvious bets like on a side who are 3-0 up with 20 minutes left, who will be at odds of 1/500 or something as high as that, as it counts towards the amount you have to bet.

10. Reputation

Sometimes you lose track of time and think a team is as good as you remember – so you bet on them based on their reputation or how good you think they are – a recent example – AC Milan and Inter Milan, once greats (and still pretty good) side, who have lost their way over the last couple of years, changing manager several times in the process and seeing legends like Inzaghi, Stankovic, Maldini and Ambrosini leave. Last night AC were 21/20 to beat a mid-table side, Bologna – and found themselves 3-1 down with 5 minutes to go. They drew 3-3, but the message is don’t base bets on reputation – it can cost you!

I hope these pointers help, as mentioned they are mistakes I and many have made in the past, and if we help just one person avoid these types of blunders, we have done our job!