Accutipsters' Guide to Gambling Jargon


Every week we get several messages and emails asking what certain acronym’s mean, or what they are. Obviously as we know a fair whack about it it seems rather simple to us, but like all of us we started out as youngsters with no clue about betting, obliviously thinking a simple win-draw-win accumulator slip was all there was. We use a lot of obscure markets that sometimes only specific bookies offer, but in this article we are going to explain what each one means, so in the future those of you who are unsure will have better knowledge of it all! Hope this helps!


This is something we have started doing in the last few months. The phrase NAP means very little, in standing for anything like FGS etc – but it comes from a game in the Napoleon times, where they had a card game – NAP was the favourite card/top card – hence why it means the top bet nowadays.

Handicap Markets

This is where the bookies give a team either a headstart against better teams. When you get giant teams like Bayern Munich, Real Madrid play smaller teams, they are expected to win and win well. Odds will reflect that, so to get any value using the handicap market is a good way of doing it. -1 goal means a team has to score 2 more than the opposition, -2 means 3 more etc. You can also get +1/2 markets, where you think a team will do well against  their opposition – +1 means the team backed needs a draw, as when you add the goal they would be ahead. Very simple, good way to boost your bets.

Scoring Markets

There are a tonne of good markets for goals in games – here are the ones we use very often:

  • WTN (Win to Nil) – The selected team must win to nil, this is usually a 90 minute market so extra time would not count in cup ties.
  • FGS (First Goalscorer) – A player to score the first goal – own goals usually do not count.
  • ATGS (Any Time Goal Scorer) – a player to score at any point in the 90 minutes – again own goals do not count.
  • Race to 2/3 Goals – A great market with William Hill – This is for a team to score 2 or 3 goals first/before the other team.
  • Over 1.5/2.5 Team Goals – This is similar to the above, but the odds are marginally lower with the exception of teams who are so much better than the opponent because of how unlikely it is that the opposition will score at all. Is better than the Race market as a team could lose, but still score 2 goals, for example.
  • BTTS (Both Teams To Score) – simples. Both teams score in 90 mins
  • BTTS + Over 2.5 (Same as above but over 2.5 goals to add) – you get better odds, great for Acca’s!
  • BTNTS – Both Teams Not to Score – for when you think it will be a very tight game with just the odd goal or even a 0-0 possible.

Half Markets

  • WEH (Win Either Half) – you will find this with most bookies. When a team is evens or above you tend to get odds of 1/2 or 3/4, so brilliant for accumulators.
  • HT-FT (Half Time/Full Time) – this can be a little confusing. This market covers first half and second half as one game, so say Newcastle vs West Ham on Saturday – Newcastle to be winning at HT and holding on til full time will be something like 3/1, so in theory 1 goal in the first half will win this bet. People often confuse this with 1st Half/2nd Half Result, which requires a team to win both halves – for the same game the odds are 7/1 or more probably
  • SBH (Score Both Halves) – self explanatory, the team selected must score in both halves. Can get brilliant odds here!
  • WBH (Win Both Halves) – again, simple. The selected team must win both halves.

Match Result:

  • Match Result + BTTS – usually at least double the normal odds for a usual win-draw-win price. For example, Basel to beat Aarau tomorrow night is 1/2, but win + BTTS would be 8/5 ish. Excellent for pushing up accumulator prices.
  • 15/30/60/75 Minute Result – you can pick a result after these minutes. Say if Barcelona were playing someone like Valladolid, and you think they will score very quickly, just the win would be 1/7 at home, but to be winning @ 15 minutes would be Evens or better!
  • Match Result + Over 2.5 – same as BTTS, but a game to go over 2.5 goals

So – that’s all! A simple explanation of some of the markets we used in our Tips, what they mean and what acronym’s we shorten them to, simply to save time. Next time you are searching through the markets looking for a bet, consider some of these, they offer better prices are usually hidden under sub-categories.