Accutipster's Super League: 2014/15 Entry


Afternoon all! With events in Brazil now over, we now focus our attention on the new season! Last season we were fair new to blogging and our Fantasy League was fairly low key, with 41 people or so. This season we are doing the same, but like the Sun Dream Team league during the World Cup we are offering £30 for First Prize, £15 for 2nd and £5 for 3rd – just to make it a little more interesting!

Simply click the link below to join up, you can now pick your teams. This is for the free version, they are doing a new version where you pay £5 and there is a massive prize – a new format, where you pick 25 players with a £150m budget. For me, I’m sticking to the free version as that is too complicated, and I would spent my entire life on it…

Entry shuts on the 1st September, so get your team in and compete for the prizes! If either myself or James’ teams are amongst the top three, we will give the prize to the next person down.

So – here is the link to join, or the link at the side of the page! Feel free to join up and have a bit of fun, with a prize at the end of it if you put the work in!

Will & James