Accutipster's Super League: Mid-Season Update


Afternoon all.

This is something that I usually do on a weekly basis, but since the start of the season have neglected it a lot! We are over the halfway mark, with just 73 points separating the top 10 in the league. We had over 160 entrants, with a top prize of £30, with 2nd taking £15 and 3rd taking £5. Here is how the top 20 stands thus far:

1 Never mind Seamus Lyons 1,373
2 The Ones Who Knock Joe Sheard 1,346
3 Not In My Forest Matt Pinney 1,335
4 Athletico Timbo Tim Evans 1,330
5 SuperPuzzleFighter Luke Williams 1,321
6 gi’ Fergal Killeen 1,318
7 Chamakh My Pitch Up Dan Humphreys 1,316
8 Too good to be true Steve Fell 1,313
9 Hoops I Did It Again Peter Bullingham 1,310
10 Dammed utd Jamie parsons 1,300
11 MoobChestOnHerUTD Josh Winstone 1,296
12 DTBMCFC David Barnes 1,294
13 KFC Nick O’ Connor 1,289
14 Eatfood-Drinkwater George Waller 1,280
15 Good team fc Didier Drogba 1,277
16 Vorm Up, Krul Down George Smith 1,275
17 Reus Krispies Jack Guest 1,275
18 Sporting Sherwood FC Alan Heaslip 1,273
19 Notinmogsmums Forest James Baldwin 1,266
20 Trucker’s X1 Ian B 1,264

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The top few have not always been there – no one person has been in the top 3 more than once or twice in the first 6 months. Its turned out to be an excellent, competitive season so far, with an exciting climax to come. Personally myself and James are 48th and 74th respectively, with Ginge back in 149th. Hot on Horse Racing, not so much on Fantasy Footy!

Anyway – I will start doing more regular updates on this as we draw towards the end of the season.


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