Arsenal vs Liverpool // Bet365 Inplay Offer


So – the first weekend of the Premier League, and with it comes a Bet365 Special!

As many of you know, for certain games, usually Champions League/Europa League including English teams – they do this offer where should you place a bet pre-match, your first inplay bet is risk free to the same amount.

With each of these, I find a simple way for you to use multiple bookmakers to ensure you make a profit and stay well within the rules.

Today – it’s Arsenal vs Liverpool – here’s how to make between £20 and £55:

Bet 1:

Place a £50 bet on Arsenal to Win @ 7/5 (price available on most sites) with a bookmaker OTHER than Bet365 – William Hill my personal choice. That will pay out £120 on the £50 stake.

Bet 2:

Using Bet365, place a bet of £50 on Liverpool to win @ 21/10. This qualifies you for the inplay offer. £50 pays £155 (ish).

Bet 3:

Once the game has kicked off, back the draw @ 5/2 with another £50 stake. That will return £175.


Arsenal Win – £120 return from £100’s worth of bets. £5o inplay bet refunded. £20 profit.

Liverpool Win – £155 return from £100’s worth of bets. £50 inplay bet refunded. £55 profit.

Draw – £175 return from £150’s worth of bets. All bets stand. £25 profit.

The key is backing the biggest price with the risk free bet as it is the least likely outcome. If you back Arsenal with it, for example – all three bets would stand if they won and you’d be £30 down – so make sure to follow my exact instructions! (Sorry if this is a bit dumbed down – had too many emails from people who have either done it wrong, or failed to wait the right amount of time for the risk free bet to be refunded).

Any refunded bet should come back into your account within 2-3 hours – so as long as you follow this, you will end up between £20 and £55 richer with no risk whatsoever!

Prices may change between now and when you either see this, or the game kicks off. For those willing to risk it for a little extra return, you can wait a few minutes for the price of the draw to rise – or even until the first goal, but because it’s the draw bet, the longer it stays 0-0 the lower the price will get. It should stay around 5/2 though, if not go out a little if we are lucky!