August Tips Review


So – one month in and its not been the best of starts. We have had a lot of close bets, 6 of the 15 Accumulators tips have been either one game or goal off winning – and those have been between 10 and 30/1. In the first 2 weekends, there was a 7/1 winning Acca, and the other three were 3/4. It’s often the worst time of season, as its hard to predict who will be good, who will be awful, who is good at home, who struggle away etc.

Either way we are all about honesty, and like a lot of tipsters we will not change or remove losing tips, or lie about results. Here is our month in numbers:

  • Accumulators: 2/15 (45 wins / 69 matches) – 65% Accuracy
  • Doubles/Trebles: 3/14 (20 wins / 30 matches) – 66% Accuracy
  • Rolling Acca/Super 8 Acca: 0/4 (14 wins from 28 matches) – 50% Accuracy
  • Midweek Challenge: 0/2 (7 wins / 10 matches) – 70% Accuracy

Our overall accuracy is around 65% – and I am sure this will go up during the season. Last season must be disregarded. I made the mistake between September and December of putting up too many tips (a stupid 25-30 a weekend) so although we could have had 100 wins in those months, there could have been 400+ tips! Between January and May we sort of learned the lesson and reduced them significantly, but even then admittedly too many.

Now, at the start of this season, we have decided to do just two Accumulators each weekend, and a couple of daily tips (one each day) as well as a Rolling Acca or Super 8 Acca – and one daily tips each day during the week. So it may seem like less winners, but the way we see it is there is a higher %.

The World Cup showed us in our true light. We did 3-4 single suggestions a day, and picked over 60 winners in the group stage alone, usually bagging between 75-100% most days, and with the shocks came the days where we were not as hot, and the knockout’s were shocking for most people.

Anyway, we hope this goes some way to explaining the way we do things, and we hope you carry on following us for regular football and horse racing tips!

Will and James