Bet365 In-Play Offer // England vs Russia


With the Euro’s starting tonight – I have seen that Bet365 are doing their usual offer of a risk free in play bet when you place a pre-match bet on England vs Russia. If the in-play bet loses, you get the money back.

As usual – I have found a way to win a guaranteed sum, and this time it’s looking to be around £25-37. Here’s how you do it! For the sake of maximum profit, I am going off maximum stakes:

Bet 1

Place a bet of £50 on Exact 1st Half Goals: 1 @ 8/5 – £50 pays £130. This qualifies you for the offer.

Bet 2

Using William Hill, place a bet of £50 on Under 0.5 First Half Goals @ 6/4. £50 pays £125.

Bet 3

Once the game starts, place a bet of £50 on Over 1.5 First Half Goals. Currently the price is 9/4, which if it happened would only return around £12 profit – however, what I suggest is waiting a minute or so, unless the price rises before kick off. With each passing second the price should begin to rise. Once it hits around 12/5, 5/2 or 11/4 etc – then place the bet. This should increase the returns to around the £25-30 profit mark when all bets are settled.

When this has happened before, the price has risen to a better price within a minute, and given the closeness of these games, and it being the opener for both, it should be quite subdued for 5-10 minutes – teams getting a feel for the ball, conditions etc. There is a chance that there could be a very early goal – so if you want to protect yourself put the bet on ASAP – but for those who are willing to live a little, wait a minute or two to get a better price.


0 First Half Goals – £25 profit, risk free bet refunded. £100 total spend, £125 returned

1 First Half Goal – £30 profit, risk free bet refunded. £100 total spend, £130 returned

Over 1.5 First Half Goals – £12-30 profit (depending on if you wait or not). All three bets stand, £150 spend for a return of £160+

How long you wait is down to you – I will be waiting for the price to hit around 5/2, but if it is around that at kickoff I may still wait a minute or so to see what it rises to – the longer you leave it, the better the price – but the more risk of a goal ruining the entire thing!

Best of luck