Bet365 Inplay Offer: Man Utd vs Wolfsburg // Guaranteed Profit


Hi all

Loads of you asking if there is a way to make the most of tonight’s Bet365 special offer. I think I’ve found a way to make £15-65 guaranteed profit.

For those of you that don’t know of it, or have not seen it before – here is the offer.

To qualify, you place a bet before the game kicks off, upto £50. Then once the game kicks off, you get a risk free bet upto the same amount as the first on your FIRST in play bet.

If it wins, hey ho. If it loses, you get it refunded.

Now – they ban any way you can make profit, but cannot prohibit you covering the 3rd option of this bet with another bookie…

So here is the bet – for maximum profit calculations I will base it on a £50 stake.

Step 1:

Back Man Utd WIN @ 23/10 (Bet365) before the match. This covers your obligatory bet to qualify for the risk free one.

Step 2:

Go to PaddyPower, Betvictor, Unibet or Betfair as they are offering better odds on Wolfsburg (2.37-2.38 compared to Bet365 and William Hill’s 2.30 – or in fractional terms 11/8 rather than 13/10, which will make you an extra £4 overall).

Back Wolfsburg WIN @ 11/8 (Above bookie) – do that ASAP as more people back the price might well drop a little

Step 3:

Do something until kickoff, maybe have a beer, game of FIFA or three – or work – whatever really.

Step 4:

The second the game kicks off, back the draw @ 5/2 on Bet365. Remember this is the risk free one – you always want to go with the highest odds for this bet.

Then you wait for the game to finish


So – the all important result:

Wolfsburg Win = £118.75 return, Risk free inplay bet is refunded, giving a profit of £18.75

Draw = £175.oo return, all three bets count giving a total profit of £25

Man Utd Win = £165.00 return, the risk free is refunded meaning you spent £100 and come out with £65 profit

Now I’ve run this through my head about 50 times to make sure it is right, so it should be!

You can always back with William Hill (the Wolfsburg bet) but all it means is £4 less in winnings, which I’m sure you could live with.

Anyway – best of luck

If you have any queries, or if I have got this wrong please do inform me!