Bet365 Offer // Risk Free £50 Bet // Guaranteed Profit


So, once again Bet365 are doing their offer of a risk free bet upto the amount of £50 – if you bet on Arsenal vs Barca pre-match.

To qualify, bet upto £50 on any market, and you’re first in-play bet is risk free upto the same amount. If you back Under 2.5, and then Over 2.5 in-play, this breaches rules of guaranteeing profit – however if you leave one way of losing, they are happy. You then back that 3rd way with another bookie, which is perfectly legal.

Each time this offer is on, I find a way for you to make as much profit as possible – note that there might be ways to make more, but I always find there is a way of losing, such as backing ‘Race to 3 Corners’ which some do – but if I posted that and nobody got 3 corners, you’d be facing a £100 loss and for me, a lot of stick, perhaps worse.

This is a safe way to make between £20 and £30 profit, with no way of losing. Note, odds may change, and also always back the highest priced bet of the 3 with the  free bet, as if it wins all three bets count and you will spend £150, so the odds must be 11/5 or over.

Bet 1:

Back Over 1.5 First Half Goals @ 6/4 with William Hill. £50 will pay £125. Bet365 are only offering 11/8, which would pay £118 at the moment.

Bet 2:

Back ‘Exactly 1 Goal’ in the 1st Half Goals market @ 8/5. £50 will pay £130 with Bet365. This qualifies you for the risk free offer.

Bet 3:

When the game kicks off, back ‘Under 0.5 First Half Goals’ @ 12/5 on Bet365. This will pay £170 from £50.

Note – last week the price for the highest priced bet fell to 2/1, which gave no profit. However once the game kicked off, the price went out alarmingly to over 3/1 within minutes, but in this case a goal in the first few minutes will A – mean you don’t need to place this bet. However I’m expecting a tense game and it could well be 0-0 at the break, and with this being the free bet you will get it back if there is a goal anyway.

The longer you leave this 3rd bet, the more the price will fall. It really shouldn’t drop anywhere near to 2/1, so the same thing shouldn’t happen that happened last week.


Over 1.5 Goals – Risk Free bet voided, £125 returned from £100’s worth of bets.

Exactly 1 Goal – Risk Free bet voided, £130 returned from £100’s worth of bets.

Under 0.5 Goals – Risk Free bet wins, £170 returned from £150’s worth of bets.

So the jist is – do this and you will make between £20 and £30 profit, with no risk. Obviously you can back with smaller amounts, but profit will be reduced.

Best of luck