Bet365 Offer // Risk Free In-Play Bet // Guaranteed Profit


For the first time in quite a while Bet365 are offering a risk free in play bet if you bet on the specified match before the game starts, up to £50 max. We have offered a method of making guaranteed money off it since they begun doing it, and this time is no different.

The usual method is either match result or first half goals – both are profitable this time, but first half goals gives a more even result, weather there is 0, 1 or over 1.5 – you get a good amount returned. So – this is how you do it:

1 – Using Bet365, place a bet of £50 on ‘Exact 1st Half Goals – 1′ @ 6/4 – pays £125. This qualifies you for the offer.

2 – Using William Hill (or any other bookie that offer the market) – place a bet of £50 on Under 0.5 1st Half Goals’ @ 7/4 – £50 pays £137.50





3 – Once the game kicks off – you will back ‘Over 1.5 1st Half Goals’ – currently the price is 2/1, which will return £150 and no profit. However, between now (Friday morning) and Sunday, the price is likely to go up – with Spurs back four in good form, goals is one thing I don’t think there will be too many of. After a few minutes, the price should be around 5/2, in which case I’d back at that point. You can leave it as long as you are comfortable, but the 5/2 mark gives a £175 return and a £25 profit, which means the least you will get is £25 for literally no effort!

The risk free bet always goes on the highest price, and in order to return a profit must be over 2/1 – there is no other way about it, if you back either of the others you will return £125 or £137.50 and the likelihood is that all three bets will stand.

If you follow those exact instructions, and hope the price goes out pre-match, or goes out within a few minutes – and there are no freak 30 second goals, we will be sound. It hasn’t gone wrong before – obviously I have said risk free but there is minimal risk.

Any questions – please give us a shout via social media or email!

Best of luck!