– A Breath of Fresh Air in a Saturated Market


In an age where betting is becoming more and more serious, and people are using it to supplement income, or even in some cases as a career – tracking your bets, as well as profit and loss, is something that is now growing more popular by the day! Some bookmakers allow you to do it via their sites, but when you have multiple accounts, it’s often hard to keep track of what you have bet, where, weather it won or not and how much you are up or down by in each given month or year.

If you Google ‘Bet Tracker’ you get a range of results, mainly bookmakers’ own attempts at them, and the majority just a platform to plaster advertisements on, with the actual product average at best, on a very unprofessionally built website that looks like a 13 year old has done it, and often massively overstocked with previews and irrelevant stats.

One that stands out is – a very professional looking site, that has been around for about 5 years now, and gone about it’s business quietly, but if you take the time to look and/or sign up with them for free, you will see they are a very helpful, quality site that is well worth using.






To start with, signing up takes no more than a few minutes. No numbers, simply an email address, name, and password, while also making up your own username. Once done, you are in. That’s it! You can select the bookmakers you have open/use, and wish to track. They have about 40 already on there in the drop-down menu, but you can add your own in.

Once you have made a list of who you want to track, then you can get started. Add in the bets you have placed, weather they are sportsbook, casino, gaming, bingo, lottery – whatever! Click the appropriate one (in my example, Sportsbook) then you add in the relevant details – Event Type (Football, Racing etc), Date & Time, Event (Team, Horse Names), Market (Win, BTTS etc), Selection (, Odds, Stake and any other necessary bits you want to put in.

Once added, you can find the game on your list, and add in the result – it calculates any winnings, and at the top of the screen will have your totals – spent, and returned – profit or loss overall, and for each bookmaker you bet with. This month, last month and for the year, as well as all-time (as far back as your bets go). Simple!

Weather you do singles, doubles, accumulators or even Lucky 15’s/63’s etc – it tracks it all! You can also choose weather you want to make it public, so other users of the site can look at your profile, while you can also keep it private so just yourself can see it.

On top of the main point of the site, they have in-depth reviews of bookmakers – not just their opinion of them, but factual information about how and when they were formed, navigation as well as offers/promotions. They had a few previews about Euro 2016, as well as Wimbledon – but unlike many they have stuck with the basics, and not tried to do too much, which is where others have gone wrong in the vast majority of cases.

They have a Twitter account – and for me one that should be utilised a lot more than it has been as social media is one of the best platforms for spreading a brand online.

In short, they do exactly what is says on their tin. Tracking Bets – no rubbish, no spoon-feeding of affiliate ads – simply doing exactly what they say they are going to do!

A breath of freshair? Absolutely!