Bookies: The Biggest Sore-Losers in the World?


I have been doing some research after it emerged (as news to me) that bookmakers, a lot of them, close accounts or limit you to pathetically low bets if you have a good run, yet you can lose thousands and they will continue to take your money with pleasure.

Thanks to @TipstersReview and their all-new website edition for us to leave reviews on the best and worst bookies, as well as Tipsters. Having read through some of the worst reviewed bookies, the main theme was if you have a good record of winning, or a big win of a couple of grand off £10-20 or less, they limit your account to £5 bets only, and in one case, 23p. In some cases, for people who make a living laying, and are professional bettors, they simply close the account to eliminate any losses.

Surely if they are more than happy to watch you lose hundreds of pounds a year, in most cases, they should balance that with the potential of a punter winning a lot of money. Before starting this website, I had a tremendous run on Coral, winning nearly £1000 in just a few weeks. Straight away I had an email saying I was limited to £2 bets, and after a couple of 20/1 winners (with just the £2 stake), my account was shut completely and I am not allowed to have one with them. After winning £800 off £5 with one of our Horse Racing tipsters selections, William Hill limited me to £5 bets for a 6 week period.

Imagine the people who win a hundred grand off a £50 quid bet – more than likely getting banned because they got a bit of luck. We punters take the rough with the smooth, the good runs with the bad for the love of betting. Yet bookies seem to be throwing the proverbial teddy out of the pram whenever their profits fall due to a number of people having a good streak.

In our opinion, bookies are getting worse, and with people getting wiser to methods of winning, they are increasingly limiting or closing accounts, leaving them with the customers who lose and give them greater profit. It’s getting to the stage where I’m of the belief there should be some sort of Body that controls the bookmakers, and a set of rules introduced. Some of the smaller, newer bookmakers are unbelievably shoddy, offering all these bonuses to signup, and in the smallest of small-print tell you that any winnings are paid in free bets, or you have to bet through your deposit and bonus a specifically large amount of times at odds where you are more likely to lose than come out with anything.

You are always told ‘bookies always win’…and with this news, no wonder. They rule with an iron fist – win too much, you get your account restricted, or worse – closed. Pathetic

Apologies for the rant…Have you ever had this problem? If so, what are your thoughts on the subject?


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