‘Buying the Title’ – A Term used by Jealous Fans?


Every since Chelsea were taken over by Roman Abramovich – basically any club who has spent a great deal of money has been accused of buying their way to success by a selection of other clubs’ fans who, in my opinion – are simply jealous because their club either isn’t competing at the right end of the table, or hasn’t got anywhere near the same money to spend.

In recent seasons, it has been Man City – since around 2008, when Thai prime-minister Thaksin Shinawatra took over, have been the main ones accused. Man Utd, have been the one who have been over the last 25 years, while Liverpool have spent ridiculous amounts without every achieving any real success.

The most recent one, is actually Newcastle. Since they dropped down to the Championship, they have spent around £60m and purchased 11 players…and with that, the fans of clubs such as Brighton, who they beat 2-0 on the weekend, Sheffield Wednesday – who’s fans were not happy after Newcastle were linked with Fernando Forestieri – and many others – have piled criticism on Rafa Benitez’ side for attempting to buy their way back to the Premier League.

This has irked many, if not all of the fans – due to the fact that unlike many of the above mentioned, it has been money made from selling the likes of Gini Wijnaldum, Daryl Janmaat and Andros Townsend, among 16 players to leave! They have raked in so much money that they are in profit for the window – even with the likes of Cheick Tiote, Emmanuel Riviere and Moussa Sissoko to leave.





One of the main gripes is that it is unfair on the rest of the league, as the amount spent in one window dwarfs the amount that most of the clubs in the league have spent in their entire history! The response from the north-east clubs’ fans has been a simple question – what else are the club to do? Buy nobody, and sell on our prize players for below market value? What has also gone fairly unnoticed due to Newcastle’s spending spree is that Aston Villa have spent £40m, and are set to bid £20m for Abel Hernandez, while Derby have just signed Matej Vydra for £8m and are bidding £14m+ for Jonathan Kodija, whilst also spending a lot of money last season on the likes of Tom Ince – not forgetting QPR, who tried/failed to buy success in the Premier League and again in the Championship under Harry Redknapp.

What I will say is that Newcastle accumulated a very good squad over the past 3-4 seasons, and the only reason they were relegated is that they stuck with the useless Steve McClaren for 2-3 months too long. Benitez may have spent £10m on both Gayle and Ritchie – but he is buying players experienced in the Football League, and a few talents from abroad. It’s not their fault that they have a wealth of players to sell on, nor is it their fault for spending it well. Had they spent £60m+ like QPR have done, without bringing anything back in – then yes, they are asking for it as that is blatant flaunting of the Financial Fair-Play rules.

The likes of Man City, Chelsea and PSG are the ones buying titles…two of those three have given themselves very hefty sponsorship deals from their owners companies – but Newcastle, even if they do win the Championship – have not. All they have done is spend within their earnings, which is the main point of the FFP rules. Yes, it may seem unfair on the rest that they had millions worth of assets to cash in on, but football in general is unfair – you have players earning amounts in a fortnight that would run a lower league club for a season.

I can guarantee you that a fan of any club, no matter the league – wouldn’t complain if their club had £60m to spend in one window. The whole Newcastle argument is moot – it’s pure jealousy that is causing others to complain!