Champions League Final // R Madrid vs At Madrid // Bet 365 Offer


With the season over in all but a few leagues, and the European Champs fast approaching – the pinnacle of the European season is Saturday night, the Champions League Final!

Bet365 have been doing an offer all season, where if you put £50 on a specific game, your first in-play bet is risk free – if it loses, you get a refund. For each and every one of these – I have formulated a way for you to make guaranteed profit, using their offer in conjuncture with a 2nd bookmaker to assure a nice sum is made.

For tomorrow’s game (or today, depending on when you are reading this) – I have found a great way to make a sum of £25 – no matter the result!

Bet 1:

On Bet365, back ‘Exactly First Half Goals – 1 Goal’ @ 6/4 – £50 pays £125. This qualifies you for the offer.

Bet 2:

Using Skybet or William Hill, back ‘Under 0.5 First Half Goals’ @ 6/4. £50 pays £125.

Bet 3:

Once the match kicks off, immediately back ‘Over 1.5 First Half Goals’ @ 5/2 – £50 pays £175.

However, each passing minute that there is no goal the price will rise – the last time we used this method, within 5 minutes the price was out out to 3/1. This can backfire though if you wait – an early goal will see the price reduce to as little as 1/2. The games between these two are usually pretty tight and are often 0-0, so leave it as long as you want – be aware it can go wrong if there is an early goal.


No First Half Goals – £25 Profit – 2 bets stand, risk free bet is voided.

1 First Half Goal – £25 Profit – 2 bets stand, risk free bet is voided

Over 1.5 First Half Goals – £25 Profit – all bets stand, £150 spent and £175 returned

You could do it a different way, but the range of profit would be from £10 to £60, with the middle being £25. I think that I’d rather a certain £25 than go through all this for just £10.

Best of luck