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Who are we and what do we do?

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We are an informative website with writers that cover a variety of sports looking to find the best value possible in markets spread across Europe, and in terms of International football or NFL – the world. A simple team of just four or five, with two covering football, one covering NFL and the other the technical genius making sure everything works.

On a day-to-day basis, we pick out a selection of bets – with our aim of winning more than we lose. Not all win, we have the odd spell where nothing goes the way we want, but behind each tip will be an in-depth explanation as to why we think it will win. There is no bombarding of advertisements, like a lot of tipsters do, but we don’t see ourselves in the same bracket as most.

There are no £10-£1000 challenges, no ‘Booms’ when we win, and no bragging on social media – and bar the odd day or two here and there, very little tipping under the price of 1/1, as anyone can pick out exactly what the bookies are thinking will win!

Our objectives are simple – pick a variety of tips, well researched and consistent. With our system of picking bets at a price of 1/1 or higher – out success rate varies, with an in-depth spreadsheet updated daily by Will, who manages the content of the site. There may be days where nothing is posted, since we have the belief that there is no point sending out tips for the sake of it.

Reviews are posted at the end of each month, or early the following. We do not advise stakes or systems – it is plain and simple. We pick out what are our writers favourite bets each day – and post them on here. Because we are a free site, there is no obligation to back them – it’s simply the opinion of each individual writer.

Tips are posted by around 9am usually, with our daily email going out at 10am, at the latest. Games included are usually at least 5 hours or more away from their kick-off time and links are posted to social media – and are available through both on a daily basis with over 4000 followers on Twitter. We see it as a kind of forum, and are constantly in conversation with our followers. If you wish for a quick response – Twitter is the place to contact us.

We are always available on either social media or by email – so if you ever have any queries please get in touch via the links at the head of the page, or via one of these:

  1. For all content related enquiries or if you are interested in writing for us – Will@Accutipster.com
  2. For any advertising/sponsored post/link exchange enquiries – James@Accutipster.com
  3. If you are not sure – Admin@Accutipster.com

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