Falcao: Should He Stay or Should He Go?


A few nights ago – Man Utd were struggling against yet another lower league side. 0-0, half time and then 1-0 down. Falcao looked dreadful. He was lumpant, slow, devoid of a first touch…and so on. In short, he was not the type of player that Man Utd would have had under Sir Alex.

With 19 appearances under his belt, and just 4 goals (and 4 assists) – he just hasn’t cut it so far. It doesn’t help that the whole team have not been their best, but despite all that, they have lost just once in the last 19 games! Van Gaal seems desperate to find a place for him, so much so that he is playing others out of position to accommodate him up front alongside Van Persie (who is another that is probably past it).

No matter what anyone says – to me Wayne Rooney is a striker. His game may well suit the central midfield role, but I think he should be further up. United need a younger striker – and while James Wilson looks good – much like Danny Welbeck he needs a loan to a fellow Premier League club. Their problem is that Falcao and RVP both have no pace, whilst the likes of Januzaj and Di Maria have that turn of pace and creativity. They lack width, because there is seemingly no movement up top – static is the word.

Back to the case of Falcao – they have the option to pay £40m, having paid part of the fee as a loan. For £40m – they could get a younger striker who is coming into their prime, not approaching the end of it. Paulo Dybala (Palermo) is looking like the next sensation, and is available for less than £40m. Monaco will be desperate for Utd to buy him, due to his huge wage – and he is currently showing no signs of getting any better. He is nearing 30, and is shown to be going down hill fast. Nobody will buy him for anywhere near £40m.

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People always say foreign players need time to adapt, but when they are world-class players then there should be no waiting period. They have to hit the ground running. £40m is a lot of money, and I cannot see Man Utd wasting it on someone that will only have a few more seasons left in his increasingly dodgy knee’s. If they have any sense, they will send him back come the end of the season, and buy Dybala – and built for the future. Our other Tipster Jamie made the point that his reputation was based on him bullying weak defences in Portugal and Spain, and to an extent France.

They have the remnants of a very good side. If Herrera is used more, Rooney is used further up the pitch and Di Maria has a few infront of him actually making clever runs, they will be okay. Of course they need to sort out the back four, but their issues up front could usurp all others. Van Persie and Falcao need to leave for a start, and then the likes of Phil Jones and Chris Smalling put into rotation roles – because they are not Man Utd standard. How they cost a combined £27m+ is beyond me!