Fantasy Football Final Update + Winners


So – our 2nd season is over, and this time we had a £50 prize pot for the top three sides. In terms of the lads who run the page (Me, James and James) I was top dog, finishing in the top 50 out of 260 odd teams, while James C was a little further down and James W was miles back. Here is how the top 20 ended:

1 Never mind Seamus Lyons 2,339
2 The Ones Who Knock Joe Sheard 2,253
3 SuperPuzzleFighter Luke Williams 2,243
4 The Bit O’ Red Micky Weissmann 2,227
5 Chamakh My Pitch Up Dan Humphreys 2,214
6 Eatfood-Drinkwater George Waller 2,199
7 KFC Nick O’ Connor 2,189
8 Vorm Up, Krul Down George Smith 2,176
9 Hoops I Did It Again Peter Bullingham 2,169
10 Not In My Forest Matt Pinney 2,159
11 Notinmogsmums Forest James Baldwin 2,151
12 gi’ Fergal Killeen 2,148
13 Dammed utd Jamie Parsons 2,140
14 Arsenal Tigers Junior Jay Nzegwu 2,140
15 Catalina Wine Mixers Dave Willoughby 2,127
16 Good team fc Didier Drogba 2,124
17 TyrannoSuarez-Rex Kelvin McCormack 2,119
18 Tekkerslovakia Dan Coulton 2,112
19 Reus Krispies Jack Guest 2,110
20 MoobChestOnHerUTD Josh Winstone 2,106

Two of the top 3 have already contacted us about the prizes – we just need the last to get hold of us ASAP.

Congratulations to Joe Sheard, Luke Williams and Seamus Lyons – who win £15, £5 and £30 respectively! If you could email us – and I will sort payment with you all.

We will have another open next season, so check the site from mid-July onwards, but if you are already in it and I renew the league, you should all be re-entered once your team is setup.

Thanks for entering this season, and for following us!

Will & James