FIFA Ultimate Team: EA KO Coin Sellers + Credit Card Kids


News in the last few days has emerged that the Coin selling business on FIFA games is set to be smashed to pieces. A good thing in mine, and many others opinion…

For those who do not know what this all is about – on FIFA 15, Ultimate Team is where you can build a team consisting of any player on the game. Each player cost a certain amount of Coins, which can be earned by playing games or selling players which you gain by buying packs – or as some do, buy coins from websites for a certain price. You can usually buy 100,000 coins for £5 or so – and by doing that you can then afford the best players like Ronaldo, Messi or Bale who cost upto ten million coins.

The Main Issue

The problem with that sort of thing is people take the mick – I recently played a kid who used £500 to get 80 million coins, and with that bought the best team I have seen on the game. However, after being 7-2 up, he quit because I was apparently cheating. It’s those people (a lot of them) who earn themselves the nickname of “Credit Card Kids” – who have little to no ability to play the game but throw money at it thinking it will make them unbeatable. For many, the point of the game is to earn coins, and slowly build a team that is amazing. Coin buyers bypass that whole process and simply step to the last part – have an amazing team, which to me and many others defeats said point of the game.

Coin sellers are the people who you get the coins off. You list a player for say 100,000 coins, go to their website, pay them a fee and they find this player and buy for the set price – and you have the 100,000 coins you paid £5 for (as an example). These sellers manage to get the coins by having bots in the EA servers that pick up on undervalued players who are listed for less than market value, and snap them up before we even see them properly (things like Messi or Ronaldo being listed as 500,000k buy it now etc) – and then re-list, making a huge profit. A seller I know of makes around £30,000 a week selling coins on to players of the game – and he is not happy about all this…

People will claim this is unfair, but the vast majority of players on FIFA try and do it properly, and these people/sellers make it such an unfair game if you play online. Yes, it makes it challenging, but like me – when you play against these people game in, game out – it makes you want to stop playing. When your opponent has one player that is worth ten times you’re entire squad, it’s a little demoralising because  you know if teams were even, you would win easily.

EA could well be doing this to force the people who buy coins into buying FIFA points, and with those you buy packs of players and consumables (contracts, fitness cards etc). You could say that is greedy of them, but normal people/businesses are making millions from doing this. I think it’s all wrong really. There needs to be a middle ground, as the price caps they have introduced can stop you making any small amount of coins on selling players. It’s a catch 22 situation – stop the sellers making a mint, but in order to do that stop small traders from making profit on their player sales which aids buying a better team.


I discussed this matter at length with someone I know from Twitter. We both agree that, based on several factors – people should be able to buy some coins from EA, rather than sellers. FIFA/EA should consider things such as:

  1. Player behaviour/language (when using microphones – some get very abusive when unable to win)
  2. Disconnections (Sore losers tend to just quit/turn off the game when getting a hammering)
  3. Quality of the player (win ratios etc)

Even with these considerations – there should be a cap. For example if you are new to the game, a smaller sum as allowing millions would contravene what Ultimate Team is about. For the long time players, a higher allowance. Those who are renowned for disconnecting could have their allowance cut, depending on how many times – which would make them think twice before switching off.

Clearly this current price cap is just to get through to the FIFA 16 without making too many changes. It stops the sellers, and halts the coin flow. A player can now only be purchased for no more than they are worth, which is monitored by the looks of things.

Will It Help?

In my opinion – overall, this is good for the game. It may put a few noses out of joint, but for the good of the game it will make things better. A few customers may stop playing, but it’s the best football game by miles on any console – and more people are likely to play safe in the knowledge that they won’t come up against opponents who basically try and buy success on the game. James, for example – pretty much avoids online play as the Credit Card Kids do his head in…

Some fools are saying that FUT is dead, but the way I see it is it’s having a minor operation, and that once complete it will be better than ever!