FIFA's Choice: Tell the Truth or Face Prison


FIFA is fast becoming a farce – a few found scene from Laurel & Hardy. Nobody will ever take them seriously again unless they tell the truth about corruption allegations. These, are facts.

In recent days, it finally emerged that Michael Garcia’s report was to be published, but was more ‘Summarised’ by Eckert, a FIFA member. Of the 300 page document produced in the 2 years by highly regard lawyer Garcia, all FIFA said was ‘Russia/Qatar did nothing wrong, England bid flouted rules’ – a joke in itself…

A few hours after the publication from Eckert, Michael Garcia himself came out with a statement saying that FIFA had completely mis-represented his report and picked out tiny parts that made them look good, in short. He has critisized them, and called for the full report to come out. Both myself and James believe that should it come to it, Garcia will get the FBI and other criminal investigators involved – he is not a man to be messed with, and FIFA think they can employ one of the worlds best lawyers, and then deny his findings…only FIFA would do that.

So – if investigated, I would think many members of FIFA would face jail time for corruption. Today, David Bernstein (who recently quit his position at FIFA due to all of this rubbish) has come out and said Europe should boycott Russia 2018 in protest. He seems to think that should the super-powers like Germany, Spain, Holland etc do not turn up, FIFA would have problems with sponsors as a tournament without such teams would be meaningless.

A few days before, the president of German Football – Dr Reinhard Rauball – had this to say:

“The result was a breakdown in communication, and it has shaken the foundations of Fifa in a way I’ve never experienced before,” said Rauball.

“As a solution, two things must happen. Not only must the decision of the ethics committee be published, but Mr Garcia’s bill of indictment too, so it becomes clear what the charges were and how they were judged,”

“Additionally, the areas that were not evaluated [in the report] and whether that was justified [should be published]. It must be made public. That is the only way Fifa can deal with the complete loss of credibility.”

He said that if the report was not published in full – and Eckert has already said that he will not do that, while Fifa argues it cannot intervene – then Uefa should consider its own position within Fifa. “If this doesn’t happen and the crisis is not resolved in a credible manner, you have to entertain the question of whether you are still in good hands with Fifa,” Rauball added. “One option that would have to bear serious consideration is certainly that Uefa leaves Fifa.”

So – several associations are questioning the future of European nations competing in FIFA competitions. FIFA have a simple choice – Tell the truth, and change their ways, or be outed by lawsuits, named and shamed and end up rotting in a jail cell…

Over to you, Sepp…