Football Tips // Corner Accumulator


Morning all

Had the time this weekend to go through Sunday’s corner stats around Europe, and where the markets are available – have found a good sized 10/1 4 fold. Bet365 have all these on their site right now – sorry to those who do not have this available, but an account with 365 is probably one of the best things you could do as their array of markets is the widest available online!

Anyway here is the 4 team bet. Since posting the line has gone out to 5.5 from 4.5 for Feyenoord and Liverpool, price remains the same.  I still fancy both though

Liverpool Over 5.5 Corners @ 4/5 vs Aston Villa

Even when Villa have beaten teams on corners, they have often still conceded 6-8 corners themselves. In their last 10 home games they have had a total of 118 corners involved, conceding 64, and double figures twice. Liverpool, even when losing – rack up corners. In their last 10 away games they have had 79, with this bet landing in 8 of those 10.  Bar the failures of 3 and 4, they hit at least 7 in the rest.

Bayern Munich Over 5.5 Corners @ 4/6 vs Augsburg

In this sort of match, in this sort of league – the stats don’t and can’t predict this. Bayern can blow any of the 18 teams out of the water, but equally could go a goal down and then pile on the pressure, leading to more corners. If you look at their last 10 away games, their over 5.5 corner record reads 5-5, hitting exactly 5 on 3 occasions, so usually either close or winning in this market.

Augsburg are a strong side, only conceding 6+ on 2 occasions on their last 10 home games, but against Bayern in their last 3 games the scores have been 9-0, 4-5 (Reina sent off) and 7-1. In previous seasons by the point they have played Bayern have been so far ahead it’s been hard to take games seriously, but at the moment – 5 points clear of 2nd – they need to carry on winning. I think this is key in getting 6+ corners.

Feyenoord Over 5.5 Corners @ 4/5 vs Zwolle

This is my most confident game. Feyenoord in their last 10 away games have racked up a total of 79 corners, hitting the 5+ mark in 9 and the one failure was only a corner light. Zwolle have had a total of 111 corners in their last 10 home, hitting 10+ corners on 8 occasions. Their for/against is around 50/50. However in their last 4 meets, the scores have been 11-3, 4-4, 8-3 and 9-0 in favour of Feyenoord.

Despite losing 5 on the spin away, Feyenoord are still piling the pressure on and winning numerous corners.

Arsenal vs Leicester: Over 11.5 Corners @ 1/1

The final game is again in the Premier League, and statistically sound.

Arsenal, in their last 10 home games, have averaged a total of 12.6 corners per game (126), between themselves and their opposition.

Leicester, in their last 10 away games, have average a total of 12.8 corners per game (128) between themselves and their opposition.

Both only dropped into single figures once in that period, with Arsenal going over 11.5 in 8/10, and Leicester going over 11.5 in 7/10 – with both falling directly on 11 corners at least once (1 for Arsenal, twice for Leicester).

In total, that pays around the 10/1 mark. I did originally have Atletico Madrid Over 5.5 @ 11/10, but they fell below that number far too often for it to be considered a realistic bet.

Best of luck