Football Tips // Saturday // Both Teams To Score


Happy Saturday!

For you maybe, For me its been a horrid week; a week of endless work, £100 fines, three points on a driving licence and a lot of International football that has kept me very quiet. My first tips went live on Accutipster last Saturday and it was a very exciting occasion!, exciting but not particularly profitable with only one from three tips landing. Russia V Sweden was a write off, Russia score in the first half which filled me with a huge confidence as heading into the game i predicted Sweden to apply the pressure and probably take the win; certainly not the case!.

I Honestly think Ibrahimovic follows Accutipster and saw my comment about his nose as the bloody thing spent the whole game offside. Spain V Slovakia was appalling with Spain looking the most dominant they ever have since the Armada and Switzerland left it very late to decide to bang in three bringing that particular selection home. I must admit i struggled to keep up with the Switzerland game as i was at a 65th birthday party and had to listen to distractions such as; my girlfriend explaining how she was now changing the ‘YMCA’ to the ‘YMOA’ as it was too difficult to work out which way round the ‘C’ went whilst dancing. Anyway onwards and upwards. Whats that Meat Loaf song? 1 outta 3 ain’t bad?..

Burnley V Sheffield Wednesday – 15:00 English Championship. 21/20.

Burnley for me have had a much poorer start to the season than should be expected, relegated from the premier league last season – even with the loss of both Danny Ings and Kieran Trippier i would have seen their squad to be considerably superior to much of the Championship. I don’t feel heading into the opening day maximum points in the first five games would have been an unrealistic target, instead heading into their sixth they sit with eight.

This for the BTTS market can only be a positive, they are certainly a strong team in the league so a poor start will not diminish belief and with strength and dominance comes goals. Where Burnley seem to be struggling is conceding first; they don’t have an issue with scoring, scoring is a given when you control majority of the possession for 90 minutes but they seem to be hellbent on going behind as they have in three of four games they have conceded. Burnley have played two home games thus far this season and have conceded in one and kept a clean sheet in the other, whilst they scored in both – this doesn’t seem to be anything that would convince a sceptic to back the BTTS market although take in the season total of five games and they have been involved in a BTTS in three of five games (60%).

Sheffield Wednesday don’t have a fantastic points total so far (six from a possible 15) but they do have a fantastic goalscoring record – they have scored in every game they have played in the Championship both home and away. Whilst undoubtedly they have a knack for goals, statistics for the season so far also highlight they have a knack for conceding, unable to keep a clean sheet in four from five games; the only team they held out against was newly promoted Bristol City on opening day of the season. Sheffield Wednesday hold a 100% BTTS record away from home and an overall for the season 80% (four from five).
For me even if Burnley had been the complete dominant force which was expected, Sheffield Wednesday’s 100% goalscoring record in five games couldn’t be written off and this is one I’m comfortable tipping.

Middlesbrough V MK Dons – 15:00 English Championship. 51/50.

This certainly isn’t one to follow if you look at the games in which BTTS has happened previously this season, Middlesbrough have been involved in two from five (40%) and MK Dons an even less reassuring one from 5 (20%). Although the BTTS has been scarce for the two teams involved I’m looking at the price then looking at the individual scored/conceded tally and I’m excited.

Middlesbrough have scored in three of five games in the Championship and have the same record for goals conceded. Its early in the season and for Middlesbrough to have been involved in a 0-0 draw already is astounding, they are a powerful side who consistently score goals. If you ignore the amount of games they have scored in and instead look to the amount of goals they’ve scored, they have already bagged seven scoring three goals in a game on two occasions. I could be the only one but what has really surprised me has been the goals Middlesbrough have conceded – not so much the amount but the regularity three in five games is a shock in my opinion, but a welcomed one when tipping BTTS!.

MK Dons have only scored in two of five games which is not prolific by any stretch, but even with that in mind their season total sits at five. Five goals scored across two games is not to be sniffed at, especially when you look at two of the three games where they haven’t scored came against Preston (who held high scoring Middlesbrough to a 0-0 draw), and away at Reading who again are a team who seem to focus more on not conceding than actually scoring. Having only scored in two games from five this isn’t a game i would usually even consider but given Middlesbrough’s tendency to leak goals i feel the price is certainly value and i would regret not bringing this to the table.

Qpr V Nottingham Forest 12:30 English Championship. 17/20

At Home Qpr have a 100% BTTS record (two from two), away from home they have been involved in a BTTS in 30% (one from three) so a home and away BTTS record of 60% (three from five). In terms of goal totals in the championship Qpr have scored in four from five and conceded in four from five. Five games into the season Qpr have scored 10 goals..10! i guess this should be unsurprising with the goalscoring expert that is Charlie Austin, but still that’s certainly an impressive tally. For all the goals Qpr have scored though, to have conceded eight is not so impressive. There is a definite chance for any team heading into a game with Qpr to exploit this hole that they seem to leave gaping and i feel irrelevant to who they are playing anytime the odds are on the positive side its worth a bet.

Nottingham forest have an away BTTS record of 50% (one from two), a home tally of 67% (two from three), and an overall of 60% (three from five). Nottingham Forest have scored in three from five games and conceded in four from five. The total goals for Nottingham Forest is currently a modest four, This may concern some but as previously mentioned Qpr seriously struggle to keep a clean sheet. The fact Forest have only scored may concern some but for me they are certainly strong enough to grind out chances against a weak Qpr back four, Its still very early in the season and i think there is still a lot more they are going to bring to the league in terms of goals. For me Qpr’s poor clean sheet record is certainly enough against a side like Nottingham Forest to snatch up positive odds. Its also worth noting; everytime this season Nottingham Forest have found the net its been a BTTS! – Here’s praying for an early Forest goal!!.

Mansfield V Crawley – 15:00 English League 2. 1/1.

An interesting clash of two teams with different mentalities in this one, Mansfield play attacking goal seeking football whereas Crawley will sit back, soak up pressure and look to keep a tight back line. This is a potential ‘egg on your face situation’, as Mansfield have scored in five from six games, conceding in as many and have been involved in a BTTS on an exciting four occasions. Crawley on the other hand have scored in three from five, conceded in a measly two from five both of which were BTTS. NOW.. This is very tricky as Mansfield will be looking to score from the off and Crawley will be expecting that and looking to drown out this issue with defensive power, Mansfield as can be seen by the stats score goals wherever they go and i don’t see that changing.

With the chances Mansfield are likely to create any defence will find it difficult to cope, i do not see an issue with a Mansfield goal. With the previous in mind Crawley were relegated to this league last season and will be looking to waste no time in returning to League one, should Mansfield grab a goal Crawley have absolutely no chance to push for a comeback they cant afford to sit and soak up pressure. Crawley don’t drop many points at all, granted; they quite often only take the one point but i feel a Mansfield goal is inevitable. Any Crawley pressure will pose danger as although Mansfield score many a goal they’re not shy in conceding one either.

The above as a four-fold is roughly 14/1.

Best of luck