Football Tips // Saturday // BTTS


My name is Kieron and im writing my first post for Accutipster.

Firstly let me thank Will and James for e-mailing me back – even after it must have become clear they were dealing with somebody not quite normal and secondly handing this opportunity to somebody who can barely string a legible sentence together but is still let loose on the public. I guess you could say they are Sky Sports and im Paul Merson. I’m completely terrified but extremely excited to be writing this, I would imagine it to feel like stalking a particular person for many years of your life, camping outside their bedroom window in a tree and then out of nowhere they open the window and invite you in for a cuppa and a hobnob. You have thought for so long you wanted this, then it happens and either it will be the start of something beautiful or there is an army of police on the other side of the door waiting to take you to a place with no windows. Either way I am looking forward to finally finding out if i’ll get the betting hobnob, or the lonely place with no windows. Anyway as the old saying goes ‘When the seagull follows the trawler’..

Anyway – here goes! Three BTTS games in the Euro Qualifier, all above Evens:

1. Russia vs Sweden @ 11/10 (1700 KO)

I really like the look of this one, Russia 3 points behind Sweden, both games against league leaders Austria out of the way early doors and with maximum respect to the remaining teams they shouldn’t really see any other team would pose a massive threat to their chances. With the previous in mind Russia NEED the win, they have no choice but to go out and score goals. Sweden are probably the stronger team in ideal conditions, which definitely helps the BTTS market. Russia have scored in 4 games out of 6 in qualifying, and conceded in the same amount with 4 in 6. Russia’s home record in qualifying is 2 out of 3 in both scoring and conceding. The total goals scored to goals conceded stands at 10-4. As I’ve previously mentioned; for me Sweden are the stronger team, so naturally they will be expected to get on the score sheet a few times.

Sweden have scored in all six games. For all Sweden’s attacking prowess they have also conceded in four of six matches which is far from solid especially when coming up against a side like Russia. Sweden Away from home have scored in all three games, and conceded in two – it would be worth bearing in mind that the only clean sheet Sweden have kept whilst playing away was against Moldova who have only managed three goals in six games (one coming away at Russia!). Sweden’s total goals scored/conceded is currently 10-4. Also take into account the Talisman that is Zlatan Ibrahimovic is returning to the Sweden squad for this fixture, He certainly nose where the goal is..KNOWS, I MEANT KNOWS…

2. Switzerland vs Slovenia @ 5/4 (1945 KO)

Next up is the group E clash between Switzerland and Slovenia, Switzerland currently sit second in the table behind first placed England. Slovenia sit three points behind Switzerland and with both matches against England out of the way will feel confident, should they take the three points here they can hold on to that second spot. Switzerland also need the win which would take them six points clear of Slovenia and allow them a little breathing space with a game they are not expected to win against England on Tuesday. Both teams have heavy reason to push for the full three points, I am expecting an open game with plenty of goal scoring oportunities.

Both Switzerland and Slovenia certainly have the ability to provide exactly that; GOALS. In their six games so far in the European qualifiers Switzerland have scored in four and conceded in three. For those of you who consider the home or away topic to be of importance Switzerland have scored in three of three home games, and conceded in one. In terms of complete goals scored vs goals conceded Switzerland’s current record stands at 13-4 in the qualifiers. Slovenia have an equally impressive attacking record; Scoring in five out of six games, conceding in three, scoring in two of three away matches and conceding in two out of three. Slovenia’s total goals scored/conceded tally is an encouraging 12-7. The last meeting between the two finished 1-0 to Slovenia, I feel Switzerland can be forgiven for this having lost to a late penalty, dominating possession and having a total of 18 attempts.

3. Spain vs Slovakia @ 6/4 (1945 KO)

This fixture is the one that has me struggling to bet with my head not my heart, purely on football past this should be a one horse race, a guessing game of how many will Spain score.. this certainly is not the case. Heading into this Slovakia are top, three points clear of Spain and have already recorded a 2-1 victory in qualifying over the Spaniards. It’s far to early to say the top two positions are filled and that’s the end of it, but lets assume it is and all that’s left to play for is top spot; Neither team is looking to draw which immediately diminishes the problem that it could be a cautious outset which quite often comes with international football.

Starting with the home side spain; scored in all six games and only conceded in two, conceding in one at home and one away. The total goals scored/conceded for Spain is; 15-3. Immediately the site of only conceding three goals in six games is a concern when betting on the BTTS market, but when you take into account the fact two of those goals were scored by Slovakia and they too have scored in all six of their games, your heart rate will fall from Usain Bolt to anybody listening to Michael Owen commentate. Slovakia score goals its that simple. Slovakia have conceded in 3 of their 6 games previously and have a total scored/conceded record of 13-3.

The above can obviously be followed as singles and the treble is currently paying 10.81/1 with Bet365.

I personally will also be adding Walsall V Bury and Carlisle V Barnet to make a 5 Fold and bump the odds up as Moustache cream isn’t cheap. There isn’t enough value in the two additional selections to tip them so any following of those is of your own accord.

Best of Luck