Football Tips // Thursday


Morning all!

My one and only Tip yesterday landed within 62 minutes – and in total 14 corners making the Over 11 Corners a winner @ 11/10.

Today is no different – 4 very hard to predict games, that could go either way. I’m sticking with the Corner market, and looking at Sevilla vs Zenit, a game which provided 26 corners in the first leg, no less than 22 to Sevilla!

1. Zenit-Sevilla Over 11 Corners @ 5/4 (NAP) (Europa League, 20:05 KO)

Right – a little on the stats side of things to see what’s what. In Zenit last 5 games in all competitions, they have had 55 corners (both for and against) combined. An average of exactly 11. In their last 5 Europa League games, that average shoots up to 13.6, with a total of 68. A total of 24 in 2 home games, averaging 12.

Sevilla on the other hand average 14.2 corners in their last 5 games in all competitions (74 in total) while in the Europa League they average 12 corners per game (60 corners, both teams that is). In two away games, the average is only 9. I get the feeling this could either be a really low scoring corner game (there were just 5 in one leg against Villarreal) or massively high like the first leg. It’s impossible to tell, but here is a little reasoning why it could go high.

Zenit will be chasing the game, and know one goal conceded will mean having to score 2. Sevilla could well be playing a counter attacking game, which in my opinion can lead to deep defending and putting the ball out of play, no matter where. Sevilla managed 22 corners in the first leg, with absolute dominance after going 1-0 down. This could play on the minds of Zenit players…all factors that could help this bet.

Some of the lower scoring corner games in both of these two’s last few games in the Europa League has somewhat been down to the first leg result. Sevilla beat Villarreal 3-1 (3 away goals) so their hunger to attack in the 2nd leg was not as high as it could have been. Same with Zenit – after a 2-0 win, with Torino managing no away goal, in the 2nd leg they were very relaxed, and played a very docile game. They lost 1-0 but the chance of Torino scoring three unanswered goals were slim to none. In this 2nd leg, there is one goal in it, with all to play for, which will make it very interesting, and tense!

2. Club Brugge DNB @ 13/8 vs Dnipro (20:05 KO, Europa League)

Brugge knocked out a very dangerous Besiktas team (who in turn knocked out Liverpool) in the last leg, and after a 0-0 draw with Dnipro in the first leg, you would have to fancy the home side – but in my opinion, Dnipro have been riding their luck all season, with a couple of losses to the likes of Ajax. This could be a one goal game, but I’m not risking it that much. This could go to extra time, and this bet only covers 90 minutes – but I’m backing Brugge to reach the Semi-finals!

The double pays around the 5/1 mark…


That I think will be the only tip from me today – like yesterday it’s quality over quantity. The numbers are there for all to see – by law of averages this game will be very close to 11 corners, hopefully a couple over at least! The last thing you want is 2/3 corners in the last 10 minutes…

I would think Jamie will have some goalscorer tips for the day, especially with 4 cracking looking games! We also have an F1 article from a new writer! A fanatic of the sport, who has taken the time to give us his opinion on one of the hot topics currently occupying the F1 circuit!

Best of luck for the day!