Is it time to re-structure the Europa League?


At times, the Europa League is seen as an inconvenience to some – especially in England. More often than not a long run in the competition ends with a team struggling in their respective Domestic league. Everton and Newcastle have nearly been relegated after an extended run, though in Newcastle’s case it was more down to injuries – possibly caused by a small squad and bad luck with injuries. This and many other instances have let most teams to use a 2nd string in the games – degrading the competition yet more.

One very big problem at the moment for a lot of teams is the fact that Champions League sides are allowed to drop into it if they finish 3rd in their group – massively unfair on those who worked hard the season before to qualify for it. Chelsea won it after dropping out, and Newcastle and Tottenham were knocked out by Benfica and Basel – both CL teams. It’s basically rewarding failure with another chance. When you get knocked out, you should be out.

Too many poor teams enter the competition, degrading the quality, and there are far too many games, with there being 40 teams. 10 games at 6pm and 10 at 8pm – it just seems untidy. There are a lot of 0-0’s, and a lot of travelling to all parts of Europe on a Thursday night, messing with fixtures in domestic leagues. The qualifying is too complicated, as teams who fall at the last hurdle in the Champions League Qualifying get a shot at the Europa too.

What wouldn’t go a miss is a simple competition, like the Champions League. 32 Team group stage, round of 16, quarters, semi’s and a final. No drop-outs from the Champions League, and possibly played inbetween the CL games where possible on a Tuesday/Wednesday. At the moment it is too complex, a simpler competition would be welcomed by all!