Just how far down the Agenda is Racism at UEFA?


The past week has shown a vital flaw in one of Footballs’ main governing body – that they deem breaking the financial fair play rules to be more punishable than racism. Man City and PSG are set to be fined £49m each by UEFA for breaches of the new fair play rules, yet Villarreal received a £9800 fine for their fans racially abusing Dani Alves.

In America, you see Donald Sterling has also been guilty of making racist remarks, and he has been banned from NBA for life, received a maximum 2.5m dollar fine and may even be forced to sell the Clippers team he owns. That is truly kicking racism out of a sport!

You see that campaign, “Kick Racism Out of Football” – has been around for years, and despite very rare occurrences in England, in Spain, Italy and other countries it is still rife. But every time it happens, you see FIFA or UEFA slap a meaningless fine on the club in question, and carry on regardless. You see threats to ban teams from competitions for breaking financial laws, but why not ban a team because of racial abuse by fans? Then the club would truly make an effort to rat out the guilty people, and racism would be removed. Other fans would not risk their team losing millions by missing out on the biggest club competition in the world because of a few mindless people, and would turn them over immediately.

In a way, the recent incident with Alves has raised awareness, as rather than take offence he picked up the piece of fruit and ate it, which then caused footballers worldwide to post pictures on social media sites doing the same, and uniting in the fight against racism. Stars such as Neymar, Sandro and many more have taken images with teammates and it has been really good to see. Other incidents have seen players like Kevin Constant walk off during a friendly against Sassuolo last summer.

In our opinion, UEFA do not do nearly enough, and the recent events have shown what is more important to them. They need to come down on those found guilty much harder, with heavier fines – which at least 50% of should go to bodies that are campaigning against, and possibly getting players from the clubs to help too. Either way – if they had put as much effort into eradicating racism as they did with the FFP rules, it would be a much smaller problem now. The following points would eradicate it, if introduced, in my opinion:

  • Heavier Fines
  • Points Deductions
  • European Bans
  • Matches played behind closed doors.

An empty stadium would cost clubs dearly, as would points deductions and a Euro ban. Other sports are very hard on Racism, and don’t care how big the offenders are, as seen with Donald Sterling. Imagine if the FA fined Luis Suarez £2.5m and banned him from the Sport? Would send out a hell of a message.

Either way we all know Racism has no place anywhere. Those who are such people are usually mindless idiots not intelligent to really know what they are saying, and how much damage it can cause someone. It is about time it was removed from Football too. Football has united recently in an attempt to rid the game of it, it’s just a shame FIFA and UEFA are doing practically nothing about it, and fining a team peanuts won’t do themselves or the game any good.