Life After Hodgson – Who Next For England?


Now, obviously Roy is still in the job, but with his contact up after Euro 2016 – the 67 year old is likely to be replaced by a younger manager. Despite a record which reads Won 21, Drawn 11, Lost 5 – the ex-Finland, WBA and Liverpool boss is seriously not the man to lead England into another World Cup. The question is who is there to replace Hodgson?

If you think he has gone through two tournaments, as well as 1 and a half sets of qualifiers – his record is misleading, having played a good deal of poor teams. You could put my gran in charge of the team and they would still beat the likes of San Marino, Andorra, Moldova and Estonia. He drastically failed at the most recent World Cup, and lost to Italy at Euro 2012 at the QF stage. England need a man who is in it for the long term, and after Capello and Sven, I  cannot see another foreign manager. My opinion is that the manager of a nation should be of that nationality – if they can only pick players from their own nation, why be able to choose a manager from a different country?

To me, England need a young coach, who knows about modern tactics and picks players based on form rather than past performances – and a the same goes for the coach. Hodgson – he’s not really achieved anything for a long time, managing a mix of lesser nations and a few Premier League teams recently – at WBA he did well, but at Liverpool it was another drastic failure. Giving him the current list of young talent England have coming through is counter-productive. A younger coach with new techniques and tactics would be a smart move and really help the team improve and impose themselves on the international scene.

Having looked at the current list of English managers in the Premier League – it does not inspire much confidence. You have the likes of Allardyce, Pardew, Sherwood, Carver, Bruce and Monk, as well as Sean Dyche who I very much like as a manager! There is a real lack of quality English coaches/managers – but at the moment there a few that standout – here are my three choices to replace Hodgson after France 2016:

1. Paul Clement

He is the current number 2 at the number 1 club in the world. The ex-PE teacher, who 15 years ago was at a school in Sutton, has followed Carlo Ancelotti from Chelsea to PSG to Real Madrid. At just 43, Clement has still not managed, but is looking for the right opportunity. He is a highly respected coach, having worked with the best of the best. He is widely renowned as one of the top coaches in world football, and I think he would do very well coaching England. He had no professional career as a player, and started coaching at 23. Brendan Rodgers took a similar route, and spent some time with him at Chelsea. He has worked with the best of the best – Ronaldo, Ibrahimovic, Bale, Ramos, Thiago Silva. For me he would be an astute choice by the FA

2. Eddie Howe

The 37 year old Bournemouth manager is one of very few success stories in the lower leagues. In 2 spells with the club he has got them from League 2 to the brink of Premier League promotion, with fantastic style of play and astute tactics. He has been linked with Newcastle and West Ham in the last few months but has refused to leave Bournemouth – a very loyal man to go with the rest of his impressive profile! He is still very young and ever-improving, and by the time Hodgson could be leaving next summer, Howe could have undergone his first Premier League season

3. Sean Dyche

A no nonsense manager. Still in his early 40’s, and got an average Burnley side from mid-table to runners up in the Championship with a similar squad and non-existent budget. Now in the Premier League, he had a bad start but has recovered well, defeating Southampton and Man City recently, as well as taking a point from Stamford Bridge, which many don’t. He knows how to setup a team, and given a better set of players – who knows what he could achieve

Personally I would love to see Clement in the job. Who cares that he has no previous managerial experience. He has worked with three of Europe’s top clubs and is so highly rated by the biggest managers in the game. He is in the mould of Rodgers and Andre Villas Boas, and is exactly what England need. Howe and Dyche are also good picks, I would be happy with any of the three quite frankly.

Unfortunately the FA are likely to give it to Gareth Southgate, Stuart Pearce or someone of that ilk, who is already in the setup. If that is the case, we will continue to suffer at the hands of the FA, and their inability to employ an innovative coach, just someone they can control like a puppet (Alan Pardew would be a perfect choice….)

England got the required result against Lithuania, and managed a point last night against a 2nd string Italy side Pretty much qualified for France next summer… Then we may finally look forward to Hodgson getting released and someone to take the nation in a new direction.