Matched Betting: Con or Easy Money?


Something that has struck me in the last few months is the new craze of matched betting – and due to this we received several emails asking if it was a con as it sounded too good to be true. As a betting man, I took it upon myself to go out there and find out, and pretty much immediately found out that it was completely real, profitable and legal. So – for those of you who don’t know, or have just heard of it when reading this, I intend to enlighten you on the subject!

Matched Betting – What is It?

Matched Betting is a way of using bookmaker offers and Boomaker Exchanges to maximise and guarantee profit – it is totally risk free, as long as the correct steps are followed. Most bookmakers these days offer free bets to anyone signing up, and are willing to spend upto £300 to get your custom – as they know that over time they will make that back. At various times they also give you offers such as money back if ‘X’ loses, and match your next bet on specific events. These are known as reload offers. An example from myself would be Titanbet, who I have had an account with for 3/4 years. They often give me a £10-25 free bet every month or two to try and entice me into betting with them again.

Bookmakers have no problem with it as you are doing nothing wrong – while as mentioned it is completely legal and tax-free, as is all betting. It has been around for quite a while but until recently was an untapped source of easy money. So – ho does it work? Complicatedly simple. If you know what you are doing, which unfortunately if it is new to you, then you probably don’t. This is where a website called Pure Profit come in.

Pure-Profit – Who are they and what do they do?

They are experts in the field, and offer an extensive service for a very small fee which you can earn back in one bet – £15 a month! To begin with, they offer a free trial, which you can earn between £35-40 profit from £70’s worth of free bets. They give in-depth video’s explaining exactly how to do things, step by step – and in simple terms. Before coming across them, I signed up with another site who used strong terminology far too soon, and within their 15 minute video I lost them, so went elsewhere and fortunately found Pure Profit.

Within the site, once signed up – you have their Matchmaking software, which analyses the bookmaker sites and makes sure odds on those and the exchanges are similar, allowing greater profits. They also have a calculator which helps you know what to stake, how much you need to cover liabilities and generally calculates how much profit you will make.

They also email you with reload offers that bookies are offering, such as risk free in-play bets, refund offers if a certain team win, or there is a red card and general offers from all bookmakers. This is fantastic as a punter myself as I will now know if there are any I can take advantage of using their system. They tend to do this each Friday, covering the weekend as well as other periods of the week.

How does Matched Betting work?

By using Back & Lay betting. The example they use to explain what this means is as follows:

* Back Betting – Typically what we do every day. You are backing a team or horse to win.
* Lay Betting – The opposite, you are backing a team not to win – so to lose or draw.

To help stop things getting confusing – the term ‘Liability’ is how much you need to have in your exchange account to cover your bet with them, as if it loses you have to pay the exchange a certain amount depending on odds – but that is made up by the bookie bet winning…more on that later.

So the way it works is you place a qualifying bet to earn the free bet on a bookmaker website. So currently Coral are offering a ‘Bet 5, Get 20’ offer. In this case you would bet £5 on a game that is in Pure-Profit’s matchmaking software.

You then go onto one of the bookmaker exchanges (the best of which is Betfair Exchange) and you bet on the opposite result, which is the ‘Lay bet’. Their calculator will tell you how much you need to bet, how much to deposit/have in your exchange account to cover liability should it lose – but as mentioned anything you lose on the Lay bet, you recover on the ‘Back’ bet, and vice versa. On this first bet, you will make a small loss of a few pence, but the important thing is you gain a free bet from said bookmaker.

The profit stage is vaguely the same – you simply repeat the process, but this time using some of your own money in the Exchange, and then the free bet with the bookmaker – with most of these sort of bets making you in the region of £10-15 per bet. The calculator has options to make sure you get it right – depending on what bet type you are doing – weather it is the qualifying bet, a SNR free bet (stake not returned) or a SR bet (Stake returned).

With over 100 bookmakers, even if you have the mainstream accounts there are loads out there – and then even the ones you already have will be offering reload offers at certain times. Pure Profit have it all covered, and add these ‘Reload offers’ to their website on a daily basis. Their average member profit each month is between £500 and £1000!

Can I do it?

Anyone can do this – if you have a bigger bank to start with you can make money a lot faster as to make more, it needs more money to cover liability bets in the exchanges. If you have less to play with, it takes a little more time to build up money, but once you get going you can easily get through a couple of offers each day.

The best thing about the people at Pure Profit is that they are available to talk over email, phone or skype as they have a very good support team – so if you are ever stuck they are more than happy to give you a helping hand, and with their excellent video’s on each offer, it’s really hard to go wrong at all. Even before you signup, they are happy to answer any questions you have!

Some have said to me that it is a slow burn – but £10-£15 per offer guaranteed profit – you aren’t losing! That money is with-drawable if required, and with over 100 bookmaker offers to work through as well as reload offers, you literally could be making easy money with no risk, and very little effort required as the guys at Pure Profit do all the work for you, and for £15 a month! An absolute no-brainer!

Still not sure?

Well, this may be a few years ago now but both the Telegraph and the Guardian did writeups on it, and the benefits. You can read The Guardians’ article by clicking here

I hope this has enlightened you on the subject – like mentioned the free trial with Pure Profit is worth doing just for the free £40 you will get – but with all the work they put in, and being one of the cheapest around – I’d say it’s worth signing up – which I have done myself!

DISCOUNT CODE: – If you do decided to sign up you can get 50% off your first month by using the code “ACCU50” – Just pop it in the coupon section of the page and it will automatically add it to your account.

All the best with your bets for today