Monthly Review // April 2016


With it now being nearly mid-way through May, I have got everything in order and calculated last months tips from myself, Kieron and Sam – here is the month in numbers:

Will: 29/56 (52%) – 6 double winners between 3.5/1 and 5/1.

Sam: 10/20 (50%) – one accumulator win of 16/1 and a 3/1 double.

Kieron: 7/14 (50%)

Overall: 46/90 (52%)

Decent months for all three – with Kieron not managing to get any multiples up – but several 3/4’s. Will had 6 winners between 3 and a half to one and 5/1 – while Sam, even though only posting on a handful of occasions, managed a 16/1 accumulator, as well as a decent double.

This month has already gone a lot better, with myself hitting quite a few doubles, Kieron hitting 2/2 last weekend and Sam’s system of quality over quantity (and only posting when he is almost certain) serving him well.

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