QPR vs The Football League: A Battle they will not win


During their one season in the Championship after relegation, QPR spent massive amounts of money to try and get back to the Premier League. They violated every single FFP rule, and thanks to promotion, they avoided a huge fine and a transfer embargo – but for how long?

In December, QPR will post their annual figures for the year just gone, and will more than likely show they made losses of over £65m whilst in the Championship – which is way over the permitted amount. The Football League are pushing for at least a £40m payment for the breach, QPR on the other hand are point-blank refusing to pay, stating the laws are unfair and should be delayed, giving relegated teams time to adjust.

This however I think is rubbish. They could have let a lot of players go, and used young players from their decent youth system. Instead they continued to buy players on high paying contracts, hoping they would get promoted. Tony Fernandes still doesn’t seem to have learned – many players have come in this summer at a great cost. So – what will happen? The FL are not  backing down, and have threatened them with refusal of admission into the Football League should they be relegated this season, or any until the fine is paid.

The ultimate sanction is demotion to the Conference. Because the FL covers the Championship to League 2, should they be refused entry to the league that would be the next league they are allowed into. There is a real chance QPR could go down this season as they have started very badly. Would Fernandes risk it? Why he is not paying the fine is beyond me – his arrogance could cost the club their future in the higher leagues. He still seems to think they did no wrong, which is astounding!

This has all come around today – and I would think a key date is December 1st – there is no doubt a huge loss will be posted and the FL will put into action their plan to fine the club the maximum penalty of £40-50m. He thought the plan of buying plenty of ‘Class Players’, giving them a wedge of cash and putting them on a pitch would guarantee Champions League football – he got it horribly wrong and if he doesn’t make the right choice here he could ruin a historical English club