Should Luis Suarez have been nominated for the Ballon d'Or?


Recently it came out that Luis Suarez, despite being the top European scorer. And in the last day or so, he came out and said it was a strange decision that he was unhappy about. The question is – did he deserve to be on the list?

To start with you look at the last few winners. Ronaldo and Messi – both impeccably well behaved on and off the pitch (well, most times). They both work hard, and are rarely in the papers for the wrong reasons, although Messi is involved in the whole Tax Evasion case, which could see him or his father go to prison.

With Suarez, it was the case of his latest bite on Giorgio Chiellini at the World Cup, the biggest stage of football. Had he not done that, he would have been on the list of nominees. He carried Liverpool single-handidly to within a few points of their first title in over 20 years, and to their first Champions League campaign in around 5 years. Should the good outweigh the bad?

Like we mentioned, Messi is caught up in this Tax Evasion controversy, yet this has not been considered at all, barely talked about. Should he have been taken off the list because of him breaking the law, like Suarez did by committing GBH on the Italian defender? Quite frankly, Suarez did not deserve to be nominated – the winner should be an example on and off the pitch to children and adults around the world. On that premise, Messi could have been removed on the same principle – however it is thought his father will take the wrap on that, if not he could leave the country and join Man City, Chelsea or PSG.

So in conclusion, we do not think Suarez deserved to be nominated. He has been guilty of racial and physical abuse of other players on 4 occasions, and his demeanor on the pitch leaves something to be desired, with constant diving and harassing of officials. He is a cheat of the highest order (may I call your attention to the World Cup game vs Ghana) and in no way should ever have the chance of winning it, unless he cleans up his act.