Should the Transfer Window be Reviewed?


It’s now just over 10 years ago that the Transfer Window was changed from 365 Days a year to the current system, which is a month in January and July 1st to August 31st/1st September. Since then Deadline Day produced many massive moments, such as Robinho’s move to Man City, Andy Carroll’s move to Liverpool or last summer’s biggest DD move – Mesut Ozil to Arsenal for £42.4m.

The only problem there seems to be is that many managers are very unhappy that the deadline is around 3 weeks after the start of the season, so they do not have a settled squad until after the deadline. The same type of complaints come when January comes around, with players who are performing well get their heads turned by bigger clubs and get unsettled. A great example of both of these situation lies in Yohan Cabaye. Arsenal had a bid turned down for him hours before Newcastle’s game against Man City, and he then didn’t play as he wanted the move. His head had been turned by a Champions League team, but when the deal didn’t happen, an unhappy player was left there, with fans against him. Fans lost faith in him, and despite many top performances from August to January knew he wanted out, so when he left for PSG for £20m+ in January, were not surprised. What is the solution then??

January Window:

Scrapping the January window, or even reducing to two weeks, and having a larger Summer window is the obvious adjustment that could be made. A month is more than enough to sort a few deals, so why drag it out so long? Two weeks, from the 1st to the 15th would be adequate, giving those who need re-enforcements the chance to solve any issues. An even better idea would be to have a two/three week winter break and hold it then, when games have ceased.

Summer Window:

So, the issue here is it overlapping with the start of the season. The system managers want is it to stop on the eve of the first game of the season, giving team’s a couple of months to bring in summer recruitments. Usually the window begins on July 1st, but with our suggestion (and that of countless managers), it would only allow 6 weeks. My thoughts are to start the window on June 1st, so teams have more than two months, and managers remain happy, as once the season has started, they know what they have got.

In addition to this, we feel that between the Window shutting and the end of August, there could be a Loan Window, so any teams who want last minute players can bring in what others do not want on a short term loan, either 3, 6 or 12 months.

Suggested System:

Summer Window: 1st June to 15th August (Permanent Transfers) / 16th August to 31st August (Loan Window)

Winter Window: 1st January to 15th January

So, technically the two weeks lost in January is added to the Summer Window. Managers are happier, players know where they stand and Jim White doesn’t have to get quite so excited…

Let us know your thoughts on our suggestions, and weather you agree!