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From time to time, we here at Accutipster are contacted by other websites and blogs just starting up, most of which ask for advice and occasionally for a link-swap, which goes on our ‘Links’ page if we agree to it. Some are genuinely nice people, and we are more than willing to help. Some are cheeky, and ask for a place on our home page and some are downright arrogant and expect a place on our homepage! Most enquiries come to nothing, as the sites themselves are not something that would benefit our readers. The odd one or three we agree a link swap with and if – like today – they are truly fantastic, we will write a post about them as it would greatly benefit our readers…

Brian, from Sports Betting Calculator emailed us last week, and I was that impressed with his website that I just had to bring it to the attention of our lovely readers. The site name explains just a smudge of what he does, but here is a little background info on the man behind this brilliant website:

Brian is a sports betting lover with many years of industry experience, working in roles such as in-play trader, pre-event odds compiler, risk management and trading solutions. He started off in the business in London before moving to Gibraltar and then Malta (two huge gambling hubs due to the tax rules). He has worked for several bookmakers, which for obvious reasons we cannot divulge, so has a tonne of experience in the betting industry.

Since then, he has started this website. Visually, it’s basic – but as long as you have the content, it doesn’t matter (literally anyone can have a fancy site, but without the content it’s wasted). For nearly a year ours was similar in its layout and we did well. Brian’s content is fantastic though – some of the information on there even I did not know about! His in-depth explanation of what each bet is, and how it works is second to none, and if I had found it when I started betting, I’d have made a lot more money, and known so much more too.

It just goes to show, even if you think you know a lot about gambling, there are probably a lot more terms you have no idea about! He goes into full detail on simple bets like Accumulators, and then into the ‘cover’ type bets like Goliath, Heinz, Lucky 15, Alphabet, Trixie and so on. Although very complicated bets, he words it in a way that even the newest of gamblers can understand. No jargon that is impossible to decipher, just simple language that anyone can pick up on!

The main point of his site is Betting Calculator – which is something I usually use on a daily basis to make sure the prices I tip in doubles, trebles and accumulators are accurate. Where I have been doing it for nearly 8 years now, my brain sort of gets it around the right mark, but I like to double check. However, the one I use is only good for straight bets, not anything like what this one can do.

Much like his terminology, the calculator itself is very easy to use. Simply select the type of bet you want to do, which will automatically add the correct amount of lines you need (to add odds into), enter your stake and click ‘Calculate’ – and that’s it! It tells you how much you will stake, total bets, profit and overall winnings. Yes – most bookies’ will do this for you in your betslip, once all games have been added – but like me, adding everything into the betslip when you are working out so many different bets for different games, having a bookmark to a bet calculator is so much easier, and quicker – if you know the odds there is no need to go into each game and find the market, click the market and repeat many times!

All of that is simply on the main page. He also posts regularly about different topics, such as his professional opinion on Each Way betting, Cash Out betting, etc. The comments section is a great way to get your queries answered. I read through a few articles just to see the comments, and from the questions asked his responses are fantastically detailed and extremely helpful. If you asked similar questions on the live-chat section of any bookmaker you won’t get anything near as helpful answers, as the people working there have not got the experience and expertise that Brian clearly has.

They are on Twitter and also contactable via Email – all details of that in the contact section of the site. I’m not huge on plugging, but this is a site well worth looking at/following. It’s becoming more popular by the day and much like our service is completely free of charge, simply there to help all who need it.



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