Technology: The Only Way to Solve Refereeing Madness


Another night, another questionable red card. Bournemouth, while leading – had a man sent off for what was a ball-winning tackle. However, the way the rules are interpreted by referee’s in the Premier League – it was deemed a red card offence – wrongly. They went on to drop two points, and largely due to the poor officiating decision.

It is becoming a trend. Sofiane Feghouli made little to no contact with Phil Jones, and was also sent off, which has since been rescinded. Dropping down to the Championship – Jonjo Shelvey was sent off as Newcastle went down to 9 men, again wrongly adjudged to have kicked Henri Lansbury, which was overturned. The other red card in that game was overturned as well.

It’s not just the ones that referee’s are sending off – it’s also multiple times that they have failed to see a blatant vile tackle – Marcos Rojo was guilty to two red card offences in two games, yet received a yellow card. Ross Barkley nearly broke Jordan Henderson in half, yet again receiving a yellow card.

The performance of officials in key matches is increasingly poor nowadays – each passing game another incident occurs that an official makes a wrong call, which is getting infuriating for fans and managers alike. They are human beings, they miss things – but when technology is readily available – why not utilise it?





TV monitors by the side of a pitch is already being trialled in certain competitions, and for me it will put an end to the current madness. Stop the game for 10-15 seconds, and make sure you are making the right decision – even if it is manned by another official, the correct call can be made and normality can resume, because if the current amount of officiating blunders continues a referee is going to be lynched by angry fans!

Mike Dean in particular has drawn attention to himself – being very friendly with Spurs players, whilst also coming across increasingly arrogant. Mike Oliver on Tuesday night has drawn a barrage of social media abuse to himself, while others have been in the spotlight – Steve Martin the man in the middle of the Newcastle-Forest game which saw two red cards wrongly given, a penalty wrongly given and one not awarded – as well as a wrongly disallowed goal.

Referee’s in England, and around the world want the respect that a Rugby official is given – but until they have the right tools to be able to do the job, mistakes will be made and the calls for technology will get stronger. The FA need to take some of the blame – the rules have blatantly not been made clear enough, as a successful two footed/off the ground challenge should not be a red card, nor should one where the players make little contact at all – in the Feghouli incident for example.

Again, if you look at Rugby – if an incident as stated above happened, they would stop the game and ask the TV official to view it. It may take a little time, but tackling rules in Football are simpler and a little easier to implement quickly. Games would be a lot more affected – players that should or should not have been sent off will either rightfully stay on the pitch, or be gone – and it would have the correct impact. Retrospectively awarding a red, or rescinding it after the game is all well and good, but in the case of Newcastle vs Forest, Newcastle would have won the game, given they were still better with 9 men on the pitch.

Refs like Mike Dean are ruining game for all concerned, and with a little technology, the affects of poor refereeing could be corrected there and then, instead of two days later in an FA meeting. It makes sense!