The Asian Handicap System: The Future of Football Betting?


In the last 6 months or so, I’ve really got into the Asian Handicap system when it comes to backing teams. Before then, I’d heard of it but never understood it – but now I do, I really appreciate the genius behind it. For me, it is the future of football gambling!

For those of you who have not come across it, the Asian Handicap system is like normal handicaps (i.e -1 Goal) but in some cases it adds a variety of differing options and safety nets. In normal handicap betting, if a team won 1-0 and you had backed -1 goal, you would lose. If under this system you back -1 Asian Handicap, you would have the selection voided. If you go with -0.5/-1 and your team wins 1-0, it is paid as a ‘Half Win, Half Void’ – so covering the win, and the larger win. You can still bet on the straight handicap by backing -1.5 goal handicap, for example. It goes both ways – upto as big a handicap as you want.

How does this affect the odds?

In all reality – very slightly. I see as like a Draw No Bet type bet for the handicap system. If you take one of my potential tips for Friday as an example:

Dijon -1 Goal Regular Handicap vs Sochaux is currently priced @ 15/8.

Dijon -1 Goal Asian Handicap is currently priced @ 5/4.

But – when it comes to the final score, and it’s a tight 1-0, you are safe in the knowledge that a 1-0 is okay as it is voided from your bet, and you don’t lose your entire stake. This has benefited us on the site many times, giving an 8/1 win (reduced from 22/1) after a Cagliari absolutely annihilated a team with 10 men for 70 minute but could not find a 2nd goal. That is a perfect scenario and shines a light on the market.

When applied to accumulators it can make a huge difference from just the regular win market. Take my potential 4 fold accumulator for Friday:

Dijon (4/7), Fenerbache (1/2), Pescara (13/20) and Gent (2/7) to win – pays a little over 4/1

If you do all as a straight handicap, it pays just over 28/1. Dijon are 15/8, Fenerbache 13/10, Pescara 8/5 and Gent 4/5.

Do the same bet, but with a -1 Asian Handicap applied – and it pays a little over 13/1 as Dijon and Pescara go down to 5/4 and Fenerbache go to 10/11, while Gent are 4/9.

As is always the way with accumulators, you are likely to bet down by one if you backed all as straight -1 handicaps. You might well kick yourself if all win comfortably then one side gets a red card and sneaks a 1-0 win, but equally be annoyed if you backed the Asian system and only won £125 instead of £285, but it’s a choice of safety. I know many people that would prefer £125 over £0, and even if one voided you’d still be looking at around £50-70.

Maximise Value, Minimise Risk

If you just back the normal win market on this bet though, you’d be pretty much trebling your returns by using the Asian Handicap. There are so many people out there that will back teams at stupidly low prices, but end up putting 10-15 teams into the bet because they want to make a good return from their small amount. With this system, you’d require half the teams and just pick the ones you were most positive were really going to thwack their opposition, and get a higher price with much less risk, as there is always a team in there at about 1/5 who end up drawing 0-0 with the bottom of the table bums.

More and more people are stumbling onto this system, and with great reward. Too many, including myself – get bogged down in over-complicated markets that only some bookmakers offer, but most offer this market on all games now. I believe that if more people used it, bookies would certainly get less returns from punters and there would be more winnings paid out.

The Future?

I’m very much a value tipster – I hate going under Evens because I feel it doesn’t represent anything worth betting on unless you are lumping big amounts around. However, a simple -1 Asian Handicap can take a bet from 1/2, 6/10 or even 3/4 to Evens or above, which is much more to my liking. In leagues such as Germany, Spain or Italy – especially the 2nd divisions – using it can be inspired!

It’s all down to the type of gambler you are. Some like high risk, high reward – others like me would prefer a slightly more safer way of doing it, while others prefer the basics. This system is in the middle, and offers both increased rewards and an element of safety. Perfect!

I heard a lot about it recently, and some describe it as the future of football betting. I very much agree with this statement, and like said above – it maximises profit and minimises risk – something all punters should look to do.

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