The End is Nigh for Arsene Wenger


I was trying to think of a metaphor that fitted Arsene Wenger – and like Pellegrini, we could think of him as a mechanic – but one that trained himself, and bodges things until they are usable…just.

He may well have got Arsenal Champions League football for 18 consecutive seasons (there or there abouts), but his time is up. Arsenal now sit behind Southampton, with Tottenham breathing down their necks, and even West Ham and Liverpool looking better too. Ask any Arsenal fan, they want him out.

Part of his problem is persistence with old tactics, old methods and altering every players position. He has had the money to buy some very good players, but instead has insisted on buying younger players and moulding them to fit his vision. He seems to think if you push hard enough, a square peg will fit a round home. Lets look at just a few examples of who he has tried to alter:

Chambers – came as a right back, now played centre back and even defensive midfield.
Welbeck – came to play as a striker, currently being played all over the shop
Ozil – Came as an attacking midfielder, probably the best in the World. Now a shadow of who he was, playing on the wing.
Sanchez – was a winger at Barca, wanted to be a centre forward. Now switching between the two.
Chamberlain – came in as a winger, recently seen him play central midfield

There is just 5 very recent examples. I think that because he did it with Henry all those years ago, he now thinks that its possible with every single player. Now, the question – who to replace him with?

Jurgen Klopp – not sure if he actually has resigned or not but I get the feeling he will be off soon. Ideal candidate, young squad ready for him to mould into a force again. One option is to make Wenger Director of Football, or maybe he will go to Monaco, which I would predict if he left Arsenal completely.

We all know Arsene likes to blank things out and claim he didn’t see it, I’m assuming the board at Arsenal have contracted a similar visionary impairment. The facts are clear for all to see – if Arsenal are to move onwards and upwards, back towards the summit of the Premier League, Wenger has to go.

Sometimes when you are in a job so long, you get complacent. This has clearly happened, as Arsenal have only stayed on an even keel for much of the past decade since the invincibles, and are now slowly going down hill. Wenger has been an incredible coach, but now his stubbornness is creating a situation at the club he has built up. Sorry, but nobody will deny that his day is dawning at Arsenal.