The Trials and Tribulations of a Tipster


When interacting with our many followers on social media sites – one of the most common things said to me is “I could never do what you do”. In fact a few years ago, when mulling weather to start up a twitter page for my tips, I thought the same. The idea came from my Uncle, whom had been asking for the odd tip on football for a few months and did rather well (he takes full credit after nearly 2 and a half years, of course…). Well 2 and a half years down the line – here we are, and I thought it would be good, as well as interesting – to give you an insight into what it is like to run a blog day in, day out. I hope you enjoy!

Content is mainly what I cover – James wrote an article last summer about running a blog, and although we both work equally hard on this, his side of things is a lot more technical. Go to his house and you will more than likely find chunks of hair he has pulled out after what happened a few weeks back where hosting issues rendered us unable to post anything at times, eventually needing a site-rebuild.

First and foremost to do this, you must REALLY love sport in general and betting. I honestly can’t remember the last day I did not go onto Flashscores or Bet365 and look at betting markets or form of teams I look to tip. I work night shifts, and even during my breaks I find myself researching the next day’s bets, popping to my car and grabbing my laptop to type it all up ready for 6am when I return home. Even when home I am up for a good 60-90 minutes adding in all the necessary bits to my posts, whilst checking and replying to emails from either our readers, asking an array of questions – or some of our tipsters/writers who send over their stuff to me to vet, proof-read and add to the site.

Once I am up after a measly 5-6 hours sleep – or even on a day off, I will be planning the content for the coming days. Weather it be the articles I write, research for tips, reviews towards the end of the month or simply chatting to James about how the site is working from his side of things – it’s never ending. I often wake up to a couple of emails from Mark or Braden with their selections for the racing and tennis, which need posting ASAP. The key thing is though that I thoroughly enjoy it. Once it hits around 4pm my Fiancee returns from work and I leave it all for a bit…until the football starts!

My Iphone is awash with sport related Apps that help me keep upto date with the latest news, scores and social media interactions. At no point in the day is it more than about 2 feet from myself – leading to the Mrs suggesting I marry it instead of her. Once the football starts, any games we tip are on my watch list on the flashscores app, with updates coming through to my phone – all the while I am doing what everyone else does – eating, watching TV etc.

No matter what happens – my phone will be constantly going off with various tweets or messages from social media, and will lead to many a conversation with our followers and writers – the likes of Jamie in contact most days and more so during the football in the evenings. There are a few on twitter that I speak with daily, which is one of the nicest things about it – interacting with people you would otherwise never have met, and helping them make money at the same time!

Following that I’m either off to work at 10pm or in bed by 11, and eager to get my 7 hours of sleep before I am awoken by two hungry kittens who seem to enjoy standing on my throat in order to get food at their regimented time of 6am. Towards the weekend’s it is often busier, with my 10 game previews taking time to research and type up, with tips following shortly after that. Friday night is one of just three a week I get off, and even then come Saturday morning at 6am I am up looking over tips sent in from Jamie, Mark, Braden and Kieron – adding the relevant codes, pictures, tags and categories as well as reading through to adjust anything such as spelling mistakes or grammatical errors.

The only real breather I get is during international breaks when it is much quieter and possibly a Monday, when the football is at a minimum, but now with Champions League and Europa League football back, as well as Cups – even that can be very busy!

So – it’s very challenging! On top of that you have the added pressure of picking good tips. It may not be as high as those who charge or even guarantee profit to their followers, but it’s a big balancing act. Over the 30 months of doing it I have chopped and changed the way I do things, but have found a good combination now of quality over quantity and picking odds at a minimum of 1/1 with an explanation behind everything tipped, as find that those offering pitiful priced tips are for those who can afford to lump a lot more on. I try to think of all budgets and needs – with on most occasions a NAP, double and an accumulator being offered on the site in my tips – and the beauty with it all being free is people can take what they like from them – some often slightly adjusting markets to match their opinion.

What I’ve found to be very popular is the information behind each tip. With no explanation, there is little reason to back something as you have no idea exactly why it is being tipped. So even if a bet does lose – followers see why you have done so. No guessing, no clutching at straws – simple statistics and reasons why you are backing what you are backing!

I also must give plenty of credit to our other writers and tipsters who provide excellent content! The likes of Tom El-Shawk, Dave Charles, Jamie, Niall and Mark have been regulars in posting their views, opinions and tips on various sports – while Kieron, Cathal and Braden have joined us recently and have only added to the site. The biggest credit must go to James – who sorts out the running of the site, all issues as well as coding, pictures and a lot more than I could never properly understand!

It’s a frustrating business sometimes – when it all goes wrong, or you take out a game and it wins while the bet you replaced it with loses…you wonder why you bother! But when it all goes right, it’s a very good feeling.

Anyway – I have rambled on enough! I hope you have found this to be insightful into how the mind and day of a tipster works…If you have any questions simply drop us a message or email and we will swiftly reply!


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