Tips Review // January-March 2016


Having had a very busy schedule over the last few months, one thing that has slipped my mind has been the monthly review’s that we did for the tipsters on this site. This is an overview of the last couple for Will and Kieron – and the first month for Sam, who have been the main football writers this season. We had a few others start but they both had bad starts and simply disappeared!

We will be moving to a Profit/Loss system from the start of the new season to give a greater insight into what you would have made or lost – simply as a 1 point/pound on each tip. We will also be doing no more than 2 tips per day in the week and no more than four on a weekend day – so a maximum of 18 tips per week. This is an attempt to give greater quality over quantity – accumulators are all well and good, but very hard to land any at a decent price. Small doubles I believe are the way forward, and much more profitable.


A particularly dark period for myself – simply everything that could go wrong went wrong. Red cards, missed penalties, bad performances…nothing went right! Every day there was at least one tip ruined by a red card…Anyway – the numbers:

January: 29/65 (45%)

February: 30/70 (42%)

March: 28/57 (49%)

Premier League: 19/26 (70%)

There was a turn in luck last month with an increase in doubles winners – but overall for the 3 month period – very poor. One slight good point was the Premier League tips – my success rate was just over 70% between the end of February when I started doing them, and the end of March.


Kieron has been focussing on the BTTS market, however is moving into a role as the Football League tipster for the site. He only posts on weekends, so the amount of tips are a lot less than Will. Here are his results:

December: 8/14 (57%)

January: 11/16 (67%)

February: 6/10 (60%)

March: 5/11 (45%)


Sam has taken the tricky region of South America, where games can be either 0-0 or 5-3. It’s a tough market to crack, but he has shown to tip good value, and even though it’s often only one or two – he’s usually spot on. Some bad luck followed by good luck – one night 0/4, the next 4/4!

March: 10/20 (50%)

Several night’s he got 1/1, but in terms of multiples – a 3/1 double and a 16/1 accumulator.

April has already got off to a better start, and now we near the end of it you will see a review very soon. The amount of double winners has increased and with myself going back to the system that served me so well before the horrid run of January-March took place. I’ve had so many emails asking for specific things that I took my eye off the prize and tried to do too much.

From this month, and from now on – two tips per night during the week and a max of 4 per day on a weekend.

The Accutipster Team

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